Show of the week

Show of the week: The Real Fatal Attraction

This 75-minute documentary tells a real-life British thriller story – the case of Anisah Ahmed and Iqbal Mohammed. In 2010, 22-year-old Ahmed made the first of many social media approaches to barrister Mohammed purporting to be seeking career advice. Her online overtures eventually led to a meeting and an affair. But when Ahmed discovered Iqbal […]

Show of the Week: I Am Scrooge

Set in the 1980s and 1990s and based on real events, this 6 x 60-minute crime drama tells the true story of Arno Funke, better known to the world as Scrooge the department store extortionist. Becoming an international media sensation and dubbed the ‘DuckTales Bandit’ by The New Yorker, Funke (played here by Friedrich Mücke) […]

Show of the week: Against All Odds

One year on from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this documentary explores how the country managed to withstand the first months of the conflict, despite its much smaller military force and widespread predictions that the capital city, Kiev, would fall in days. “This is probably the most documented war in the history of mankind,” director […]

Show of the Week: The Sea Beyond – Season 3

Back for a third season, Italian young-adult prison drama The Sea Beyond is continuing its runaway success with new trials and tribulations ahead for the inmates of the Naples youth detention centre. “Rosa Ricci, in a quest for vengeance, commits a crime to enter the IPM and kill Carmine Di Salvo, who she thinks killed […]

Show of the Week: Estonia

Fact-based eight-part drama series diving into the true events of the sinking of the MS Estonia off the coast of Finland in 1994. Caught in a catastrophic storm, the ship sank within 30 minutes, claiming the lives of 852 people – despite a dramatic rescue attempt under the most difficult of conditions. This dramatised version […]

Show of the Week: Stranded on Honeymoon Island

Part dating show, part adventure format, Stranded on Honeymoon Island sees couples matched with a romantic partner by experts – and then promptly abandoned together on a deserted tropical island. These fledgling relationships are put to the test as the couples live together and fend for themselves with few resources. Marooned and alone, they must […]

Show of the Week: Tempting Fortune

Contestants must choose between cash and comfort in this new 6 x 60-minute adventure competition format, which follows 12 strangers who are dropped in the heart of a remote wilderness to compete for an epic prize fund. “It’s an arduous journey through the hostile terrain of the Eastern Cape in South Africa,” reveals Sanjay Singhal, […]

Show of the week: Strangers On A Plane

Holidays are meant to be a relaxing experience, but this new reality format sees five people sacrifice their downtime by placing their plans into the hands of total strangers. In this stripped daytime series, five holiday-goers pack their bags for the same popular holiday destination. Once settled, they’ll each take control of an action-packed 24 […]

Show of the Week: Fifteen-Love

Explore the dark under-belly of the competitive and high-pressure world of professional tennis in this 6 x 60-minute drama series from World Productions. Written by Hania Elkington, Fifteen-Love follows the story of Justine Pearce, a teenage prodigy whose meteoric rise in the sport is cut short by a career-ending injury. Five years later, Justine seems […]

Show of the Week: Bonn

Set against the backdrop of 1950s Germany, Odeon Fiction’s new historical drama series Bonn depicts the early days of West Germany, a country struggling to break free from the terrors and legacies of World War Two and longing for a ‘normal’ life. Helmed by Claudia Garde, the 6 x 60-minute series follows Toni Schmidt (Mercedes […]