Show of the week

Show of the Week: Plan B

This intimate psychological drama explores what happens when you have the power to return to the past to change your future – and the untold consequences that might emerge. Each season follows the story of an individual who employs the services of a mysterious agency called Plan B, exploring how each character alters the course of events […]

Show of the Week: Silent Road

The disappearance of a school bus, and the nine children aboard, in a seemingly peaceful Athens neighbourhood, sets off a chain of shocking events in this new crime drama from Greece’s Mega TV and Filmiki. Silent Road offers a modern twist on the classic tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, reveals Ferdinand Dohna, EVP […]

Show of the Week: Reginald The Vampire

Reginald is not your ordinary vampire and this show – already acquired by Hulu in the US and Amazon in Canada – is not your typical drama. The 10-part Reginald The Vampire is based on Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire novels and stars Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: No Way Home) as Reginald, with the series turning traditional […]

Show of the Week: El Inmortal – Gangs Of Madrid

A fact-based drama set in 1990s Spain, El Inmortal – Gangs of Madrid follows the rise of José Antonio to become one of Madrid’s most prolific drug lords. Based on the real-life Los Miami gang and its leader, Juan Carlos Peña, the series dramatises these events, with producer José Manuel Lorenzo and his team adding […]

Show of the week: Dounia

Arriving on the global market at what feels like a particularly resonant time, this 6 x 8-minute animated series tackles issues of war and displacement in a way that is suitable and informative for audiences aged 6-9. It follows the story of the titular Dounia, a young Syrian girl who is forced to flee her […]

Show of the Week: The Friedmanns

This moving eight-part drama starts off where some shows might end, resulting in a unique, authentic and emotional series that explores how a family recovers after suffering tragedy and grief. The Friedmanns, from Redseven Entertainment, tracks what happens when Mischko Friedmann loses Emma, the love of his life and the mother of his three children, Maya, […]

Show of the week: Osprey: Sea Raptor

Game Of Thrones actor Sean Bean brings star power as he narrates this 1 x 60-minute blue chip documentary, delving into the story of a pair of Osprey as they reunite, having travelled separately across continents to raise their young in a Connecticut saltmarsh. “Natural history fans will love the up close and intimate access […]

Show of the week: The Newsreader

Anna Torv (Fringe, Mindhunter) and Sam Reid (Anonymous, Belle) head the cast of this 6 x 60-minute drama set in a commercial television newsroom in 1986, which follows a tumultuous three months in world history through the eyes of a young reporter and a notoriously ‘difficult’ newsreader. From the shock of the Challenger explosion, to […]

Show of the week: Black Panthers of World War II

This one-hour special tells the story of the US’s first African American armoured unit to enter combat during World War Two – the 761st Tank Battalion. Known as the Black Panthers, the unit proved more than capable of living up to their motto of ‘Come Out Fighting’, but as this one-off programme reveals, they had […]

Show of the week: Celebrity Flight Club

This celebrity-driven series sees 14 famous faces split into two competing teams as they go through extensive flight training in a battle to be named the top of their class and experience the thrill of a solo flight. The stars are checked into a real flight academy where they will live together, go through aviation […]