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TBI Weekly: Why ethics should lie at the heart of true crime

As the global popularity of true crime soars, Mark Layton reports on conversations this week delving into the ethical considerations surrounding this in-demand genre. When it comes to true crime, the numbers speak for themselves. Last month, TBI published its 2023 Distributor’s Survey and the results were clear – crime pays. Global distribution firms told […]

TBI Weekly: Reliving the ’90s and the ‘everything that came after’ in Formatland

As 2023 nears its final month, TBI’s format expert Siobhan Crawford relives her youth by reflecting on her sofa-hurdling antics of the 1990s and contrasting it with the on-demand world we live in today. Another year is whizzing past us. So naturally it is a time for reflection. A ’90s thread on Instagram keeps popping […]

TBI Weekly: How cuts are forcing TV to dance to a very different beat

It is easy to forget that investors barely blinked at enormous streaming losses until last year. The past week of earnings calls show just how far things have come and how far they have to go, writes Richard Middleton. But is there an end in sight? The creative process of producing TV shows feels like […]

TBI Weekly: Seven ‘niche’ streamers that commission original content

Partnering with a major streamer to take your content worldwide can be a major ambition for many producers and distributors, but not every service that can offer your programming a home is a multi-genre behemoth chasing global domination. Global streamers are becoming increasingly open to more flexible rights deals that leave open the door for […]

TBI Weekly: Why branded content will take centre stage in 2024

With MIPCOM in the rear view mirror and the industry now looking ahead to 2024, one thing is clear: spending on content from streamers and broadcasters is tightening. All the more reason, then, to explore how brands can be brought into the funding mix. As the content industry gears down after another gathering at MIPCOM, […]

TBI Weekly: What comes next after MIPCOM 2023?

If MIPCOM reflects the industry that it serves, then we probably all emerged pretty lightly from the past week in Cannes. The unhappy reality is that much of the pain being inflicted on content-related businesses around the world right now is probably largely unavoidable. Too much content that has cost too much has been produced […]

TBI Weekly: How to do MIPCOM 2023 right

TBI columnist & MIPCOM veteran Siobhan Crawford suggests some common etiquette as the industry descends on Cannes. The last time we ‘spoke’ it seems like the message resonated. I heard ‘shiiit’ echoed on all corners of the market and we will certainly be going back to the points raised in that column, because the perspectives […]

TBI Weekly: How the UK kids’ sector is seeking to reclaim its ‘lost audience’

Following their Children’s Media Yearbook article in July that reviewed the UK kids’ content scene, and with MIPJR on the horizon, Anna Home and Greg Childs update us with stark but optimistic news on recent developments As we head into MIPJR and MIPCOM, the kids’ industry needs some good news – not just in the […]

TBI Weekly: What’s working & what isn’t in international coproductions

Cold Courage scribe Brendan Foley reflects on what’s working and what isn’t in the emerging world of scripted co-productions following his trip to the Heart Of Europe International TV Festival in Poland. I blame my parents. One of the first toys I can remember was an aged tin box with a handle on the side. […]

TBI Weekly: Unpacking the reality of being a producer

TBI’s man in LA, Arrested Industries CEO Anthony Kimble, draws a line between the hugely stress-inducing episode of The Bear and the life of a producer as the US strikes drag on. Who’d be a producer? Earlier in my TV career, while working for broadcasters and distributors, I envied many of the producers I met. […]

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