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TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring viewing habits across Europe

Over recent weeks, TBI has brought you exclusive insights around content consumption in the US and the UK, courtesy of Omdia’s annual Cross-Platform Viewing Time Report. In this final extract, we explore viewing trends in select countries across Europe. Linear viewing is in decline across much of the world, but the levels of consumption varies […]

TBI Weekly: What Warner Bros. Discovery’s latest moves spell for DC & HBO

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has finally started drawing out the roadmap for its merged streaming service, but for all the clarity that onlookers have received in the last 24 hours, there is yet more to be gleaned about what the future holds for the media giant. Thanks to yesterday’s Q2 earnings call, we now know […]

TBI Weekly: Why HBO Max & Hulu’s rights-sharing deal adds up

HBO Max and Hulu’s decision to share ‘co-exclusive’ streaming rights to breakout comedy hit Abbot Elementary can be easily explained – but it also underlines that pragmatism is the name of the game now for US studios. The past seven days have again underlined how once red-hot feelings for streaming have turned decidedly tepid. NBCUniversal-owned Peacock has […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Getting behind the headlines on viewing habits

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ recent prediction around the demise of linear TV prompted a flurry of debate, but what are the facts? TBI delves into the annual Cross-Platform Viewing Time Report from research powerhouse Omdia to split fact from fiction. The way we watch TV has been changing for years, but the recent comments from Netflix CEO […]

TBI Weekly: What’s next for France’s public broadcasters?

Public broadcasters across Europe are facing an existential crisis, as politicians look to scrap licence fee models. Marie-Agnes Bruneau reports on the latest developments in France and reveals how the alternatives stack up. Earlier this year, the French government unveiled plans to axe the public broadcasting licence fee, something it presented as a very simple […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How Netflix turned ‘Stranger Things S4’ into a billion-hour bonanza

Netflix hit Stranger Things returned for a much-anticipated fourth season in May and, according to its own data, the streamer’s subscribers thought it was well worth the three-year wait. But what lies beneath the headlines, asks Omdia’s Matthew Evenson. Following the industry’s reaction to Netflix’s decline in subscriptions in Q1 of 2022, all eyes were […]

TBI Weekly: Unscripted paper format creators you need to know (part 1)

In June, TBI’s resident format expert Siobhan Crawford put out a call to those developing the most unique paper formats coming to market. Today, she takes a look at some of the best minds in the business and identifies an array of creators who you really need to know. Let’s talk about paper. Since committing to […]

TBI Weekly: Why WBD’s backtracking offers regional opportunities

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD)’s decision to end the global roll-out of HBO Max and its backtracking on regional originals underlines the state of flux the industry is in, writes Richard Middleton.  Under a relatively temperate – and befitting, as it turns out – Toledo sky at Conecta Fiction last month, Banijay’s Lars Blomgren all but predicted Warner Bros. […]

TBI Weekly: Why Disney+ strategy in France speaks to a global truth

Disney+ has been out in force here at Série Series in France, which is rather apt given the proximity of the suitably palatial Château de Fontainebleau. But what can we learn about its global scripted strategy? Just how successful Disney+ has been to date tends to depend on your point of view. For many, the subscriber growth […]

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