Show of the week: Abigail’s Tales

This engaging 52 x 11-minute series comes from Singapore-based producer One Animation and offers an intriguing take on the traditional fairy tale.

The show revolves around six-year-old Abigail – an inquisitive puzzle-solver who is never afraid to ask questions – and her supportive best friends, Boomer the polar bear and Bing the penguin.

The trio travel to faraway worlds where they not only see well-known fairy tales taking place but also get to meet the characters involved and unearth a whole new side to every story through their own observations.

The result is a show with a modern sensibility that offers stories with more relevant takeaways and – notably – happier endings. There is also greater diversity and gender representation for pre-schoolers, who are encouraged to ask questions, gather information and learn that there may be more to the story than first meets the eye.

The lead character is designed to encourage the seeking of knowledge and understanding, while reinforcing social values like honesty, empathy and teamwork. Production values are also impressive, with the show coming from Oddbods producer One Animation. Broadcaster and streaming partners are yet to be revealed, with the show formally in development with One, but a delivery date of late 2022 has been slated by the Singaporean firm.

Producer: One Animation
Distributor: One Animation
Broadcaster: TBC
Logline: A fun and surprising new pre-school CG series that offers a playful take on existing fairy tales and fables