TBI Tech & Analysis: Where US streamers are looking for global originals

Tim Westcott, senior principal analyst, channels and programming at research powerhouse Omdia, explores which countries are proving most attractive as sources of original content for US-based streaming leaders. With the rise of truly global streaming services, content from other countries has never been easier for audiences to access, with many of the market-leading US-based streamers […]

Why showing is better than telling in conservation content

Paul Wooding, managing director of Woodcut West, the Bristol branch of UK indie Woodcut Media, reveals why increased screen time for endangered animals, rather than an overt conservation message, is the best way to engage the audience. The improved appetite for natural history from broadcasters and streamers is not only good for business here in Bristol, […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How Eastern Europe is embracing SVOD

US-based streamers heading into Eastern Europe look set to transform market dynamics, with recent data suggesting that pay-TV faces an ongoing battle in the region. The introduction of big hitters like Disney+ and HBO Max will see subscription VOD services finally emerge as a major force in Eastern Europe, new research suggests. The region has historically […]

TBI Weekly: Embracing autism & disability representation

To mark World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, TBI deputy editor Mark Layton talks to producers from around the world, and across a range of genres, about their neurodiversity and disability-focused shows and what best practices can be learned from how they brought them to the screen. Authentic on-screen representations of disability and neurodiversity are, […]

TBI Kids: BBC Studios on the global reach of ‘Planet Defenders’

We often hear how the future of the planet and the animals that live upon it rest in the hands of the next generation – and this new series from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit aims to assure us that the conservationists of tomorrow have a firm grip on things. Kicking off last Friday, […]

MediaXchange CEO Katrina Wood on a transformative 30 years in TV

UK- and LA-based training & development company MediaXchange has been connecting creatives around the world for three decades and to mark its 30th anniversary, founder & CEO Katrina Wood reflects on how the business has transformed over that time. What is there to say about running a business for 30 years – MediaXchange started with […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Plotting the next moves for pay TV & SVOD

  SVOD services boomed in 2020 as locked down viewers turned to on-demand viewing for entertainment, yet despite the proliferation of streamers, pay TV is set to remain the major revenue source in the coming years, writes Stuart Thomson. All growth in pay video in the next five years will come from streaming services but pay TV […]

Preparing for the big adventure boom

Stephen McQuillan, creative director at UK indie Humble Bee Films considers what the immediate future holds for adventure programming, from moving past the pandemic to the growing interest from Hollywood talent. Gold standard unscripted adventure programming has the ability to take viewers somewhere they’ve never been in their lifetime – or could ever expect to […]

TBI Kids: Nelvana’s president on why kids content is central to the streaming boom

As Canadian children’s producer and distributor Nelvana approaches its 50th anniversary, company president Pam Westman tells Mark Layton why kids’ content is at the heart of the streaming revolution. The global streaming boom has led to a skyrocketing demand for content, in all genres; particularly in the past year or so, with the launch of […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring Japan’s unique pay TV & streaming ecosystem

Jun Wen Woo, senior analyst for TV & Online Video at research powerhouse Omdia, delves into Japan’s fascinating content market and explores how pay TV and streaming fortunes have changed. Japan is a unique market where traditional TV/video market sources like broadcasters and the physical video market remain relevant in the country despite fast growing […]

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