Show of the week

TBI Show of the Week: Rebecca

An obsessed detective is confronted by her worst fears in this crime drama remake from Paris-based production house Elephant, which has adapted the hit UK series Marcella for French audiences, and which is premiering with an Official Selection, French Competition, at the Séries Mania International Festival 2021. Six years after quitting the police force and […]

Show of the week: Reputation Rehab

This ‘name and shame’ factual format takes on the negative headlines in the media in an attempt to redeem the reputations of reality TV villains, bad boy sports stars and others in need of an image rehabilitation. The show features a panel filled with everyday people, who vote to decide who is worth a second […]

Show of the week: Abigail’s Tales

This engaging 52 x 11-minute series comes from Singapore-based producer One Animation and offers an intriguing take on the traditional fairy tale. The show revolves around six-year-old Abigail – an inquisitive puzzle-solver who is never afraid to ask questions – and her supportive best friends, Boomer the polar bear and Bing the penguin. The trio […]

Show of the week: Line In The Sand

Fans of the acclaimed Israeli thriller Fauda might find a lot to like in this new crime drama, which is based on true events. It has been co-created by Fauda director Rotem Shamir and writer Yuval Yefet, who was also behind the short, Last Of You. The 8 x 60-minute Line In The Sand is […]

Show of the week: District Z

This adventure gameshow format hails from France and offers several seemingly stand-out features that set it apart from some of its competitors – the most obvious of which is that it features zombies. The format originated from Satisfaction Group-owned Ah! Productions and became a ratings hit last year for French broadcaster TF1, which helped to […]

Show of the Week: Accused

In a crime drama landscape populated by slow-burning whodunnits, Accused is a welcome respite; an anthology series focusing on ‘regular’ people who find themselves on trial for various crimes.

Show of the week: The World According To Grandpa

Based on the book series by Chris Heath, this 25 x 11-minute hybrid children’s series blends live-action and puppetry with animation and stars Don Warrington (Death In Paradise) as the titular Grandpa, who offers imaginative and ridiculous responses to his grandchildren’s many questions about the world. Luckily, Halifax the rabbit, voiced by Sally Lindsay (Mount […]

Show of the Week: Quizness

Normally, quiz show contestants do their best to avoid appearing foolish in front of the cameras, but in this new entertainment format, looking silly is the quickest way to win. Hosted by a popular comedian – Tom Allen in the UK version – each episode sees four contestants’ general knowledge put to the test as […]

Show of the week: Lioness

South Africa is rapidly emerging on the international stage as a hotbed of creative talent and this 10 x 60-minute series looks set to join the growing ranks of highly rated scripted shows from the country. The story tracks the life of a rich woman who falls in love with her security guard only to […]

Show of the week: In Search of Monsters

This is a thought-provoking doc telling the story of Mohamedou Slahi, a Mauritanian man who was detained without charge shortly after the September 11 terror attacks in New York. He went on to spend 14 years at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay and claims to have been tortured under the ‘special interrogation’ procedure. […]