Show of the Week

Show of the Week: TCB Media Rights’ Combat Machines

Many broadcasters will already be familiar with History UK’s Combat series. The 2015 series Combat Trains upped its slot average by 161%, while Combat ships doubled its time slot in February 2017, according to Adam Jacobs, executive producer at the franchise’s creator, Woodcut Media. Combat Ships’ ratings in France were as good as the local […]

Show of the week: Pablo

UK distributor Cake’s managing director Ed Galton bills Pablo as “the first ever children’s series featuring a central character with autism”. A compelling element is that the show uses entirely autistic voice talent. “Most of the writers are also autistic, so the stories reflect real experiences,” says Galton. “It is sensitively produced and beautifully animated, […]

Show of the week: Tib & TumTum

Tib and TumTum is focused on teaching children to accept diversity. Based on a comic book by Flora Grimaldi and Nicolas Bannister, it tells the story of Tib, who is different from other children in his prehistoric village as he has a birthmark on his face. The children of the clan make fun of him, […]

Show of the week: The Class Next Door

The Class Next Door is a new factual entertainment series, which sees a class full of parents being sent back to school. The twist – their kids are in the classroom next door. “Parents will discover what being an eleven-year-old child today is really like, revisit some of the highs and lows of their formative […]

Show of the week: Counterpart

Counterpart is Starz’s latest drama venture, combining qualities of both a pacy spy thriller and a metaphysical science fiction show. Hailing from screenwriter Justin Marks (The Jungle Book, Rewind) the idea emerged from his keen interest in British spy classics from the likes of Ian Fleming and Graham Greene, and is combined with his desire […]

Show of the week: Car vs America

Exploring car culture across the US through the eyes of millennials, Car vs America takes car-obsessed hosts Michael Ballaban and Raphael Orlove to different cities to discover unique automotive cultures. Passion CEO Emmanuelle Namiech says the series “is a reflection of this younger demo in tenor, tone and activities”, adding: “It is very transparent and […]

Show of the week: Massive Monster Mayhem

Easily one of the maddest, noisiest and most ambitious children’s series is Massive Monster Mayhem, from Canada-based DHX Media, series executive producer, Ken Faier describes as “Total Wipeout meets Power Rangers”. “It’s one of the most fun programmes I’ve worked in on in kids TV – genres all mashed up in one show,” he says. “We’re calling […]

Show of the Week: My Style Rocks

Turkish format developer and distributor has form in the shopping format space, with its Shopping Monsters selling around the world. The Istanbul-based company has also found success with My Style Rocks. The daily stripped format has performed well, with the Turkish version at more than 1,000 episodes and seven seasons. In Romania, a third season […]

Show of the week: Letterbox

The Weakest Link creator David Young realised there was a format in Letterbox when his two sons managed to involve an entire restaurant in a game of hangman while on a skiing holiday. “People were shouting out answers, and I realised competitive hangman could be very fun and accessible as a format,” he says, adding: […]

Show of the week: The Locker Room

European football – and the English Premier League in particular – is driving public debate as clubs and broadcasters pay huge fees for players and TV match rights. Belgian format The Locker Room shows the other side of sports. Amsterdam-based Lineup Industries took the hour-long format to MIPCOM with two seasons of strong ratings on […]