Show of the week

Show of the Week: The Doll Factory

Set in 1850’s London, The Doll Factory is an adaptation of Elizabeth Macneal’s acclaimed novel that explores how a would-be artist starts to achieve her dreams but develops a dark obsession with her newfound independence. The story follows Iris (played by Esmé Creed-Miles), a woman who paints dolls for a living during the day with […]

Show of the Week: Elsa Morante’s La Storia

Italian author Elsa Morante’s best-selling novel La Storia comes to the screen in this 8 x 60-minute drama set during the latter years of the Second World War. The story follows Ida Ramundo, the widowed mother of 15-year-old teenager Nino, living in Rome during the conflict. The novel, previously adapted as a feature film in […]

Show of the Week: Three

This unique musical drama from Israel tracks the lives of three girls who form a band, exploring how their very different cultural backgrounds are no barrier to forging friendships and breaking down discrimination. The teen-skewing series, which is produced by Paramount-owned Ananey Studios and broadcast exclusively on HOT, aims to use the power of music […]

Show of the week: On Our Own

It’s a new spin on the classic ‘kids left at home’ formula with this 56 x 22-minute live-action series, which follows what happens when the bickering Tzur family children – Mika, Ronnie, Aya and Nevo – are forced to manage on their own. With their parents stuck abroad, the youngsters only have uncle Za’atar for […]

Show of the week: 44 Hours

This is the shocking true story of Gil Avni, who appeared brain dead and was seemingly unconscious in an intensive care unit for almost two days. As his family made funeral plans and his friends visited for the last time, none suspected that Avni could hear and understand everything that was happening around him. Just […]

Show of the week: Soul Of The Ocean

Dive deep beneath the waves and explore how aquatic species have developed to co-operate with each other and why biodiversity is so critical to the health of our oceans’ ecosystems. As Sabine Holzer, head of specialist factual at Terra Mater Studios, explains: “Most people feel the ocean is a dangerous place characterised by constant violent […]

Show of the week: The Super Heroes Of Nature

Aimed at 4- to 10-year-olds and families, this children’s hybrid animation opens up the natural world for young viewers with a deep dive into the lives of organisms both large and small. Written by Charlotte Schmidt, the 30 x 3-minute series uses playful metaphors and references to popular culture, to take an often funny and […]

Show of the Week: Good Morning Chuck (Or The Art Of Harm Reduction)

Fact meets fiction in this French-language comedy-drama from Quebec that tackles the perils of substance abuse, addiction and rehabilitation with equal doses of humour and compassion. The show is inspired by the life of actor Nicolas Pinson, who stars as the titular Chuck, the host of a popular morning show whose nice guy public persona […]

Show of the Week: Blind Duets

Musical competition format with an element of mystery, in which four celebrity singers form a jury panel and perform alongside 12 contestants, whose identities are hidden, in a bid to uncover their star talents.  Hailing from Global Agency, and created by company co-founder Gila Kantar, Blind Duets hides contestants inside on-stage cabinets as they perform […]

Show of the week: Rebooting

This quirky Japanese comedy follows a woman who gets the chance to revisit her banal life when she suddenly gets hit by a car and dies. As she awakens into the afterlife, she finds herself in an empty white room where a clerk files her death. There are then two doors: one leads to her […]