Show of the week

Show of the week: Good Singers

Global Agency’s Good Singers format is a talent show like no other – the trick is simply to look the part. The format recently debuted on France’s TF1 and is based on Is That Really Your Voice?, which requires two teams to guess the most talented singers to win money for charity. TF1’s version is hosted by TV […]

Show of the Week: Tell Me Who I Am

With a globe-trotting story spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s and action taking place in Madrid, Moscow, London, Buenos Aires, Rome, Paris and Berlin, across the decades, it isn’t hard to see how this new adaptation of Julia Navarro’s 2010 best-seller Dime Quién Soy (aka Tell Me Who I Am), would have far-reaching appeal.  […]

Show of the Week: The Married Game

This unique format, which has already sold across Europe and North America, combines dating and cooking – but with the added twist of requiring partners to encourage their other halves to flirt. The show follows four men – three married and one single – as they take a savvy bachelorette out on dinner dates and […]

Show of the Week: Dead Mountain – The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Everyone loves a good mystery and there are few stories quite as mysterious as the Dyatlov Pass incident, which has puzzled the world for more than 60 years. In early 1959, in the icy Ural Mountains of the then Soviet Union, a group of nine students, all experienced hikers, disappeared while on a ski trek. […]

Show of the Week – Rivals In Law

It’s the age-old dilemma for married men across the world, who do you risk upsetting the most, your mother or your wife? This reality cooking show puts husbands in the hot seat as they pick a meal that the two most important women in their life must prepare – and then judge who did best. […]

Show of the Week: The Pembrokeshire Murders

Delving into two real-life unsolved double-murders from the 1980s, The Pembrokeshire Murders follows the cold-case hunt for the most notorious serial killer in Welsh history. Set in 2006, nearly two decades after the murders took place, the drama follows newly promoted detective Steve Wilkins as he decides to reopen the cases, employing modern forensic techniques […]

Show of the Week: SeaBelievers

Billed as the first show in a whole new genre of ‘eco-tainment’, this CGI animation is set to take children on an educational and inspiring environmentally-minded journey beneath the waves. Aimed at 4-7-year-olds, SeaBelievers follows a group of super-powered characters with seaweed hair, seashell noses, sea-coloured eyes and webbed hands and feet, as they problem-solve […]

Show of the week: Good Singers

Plenty of talent shows pit aspiring singers against one another as they perform their hearts (and lungs) out in pursuit of music stardom, but in Good Singers the trick is simply to look the part – rather than have any actual musical talent. This new series, which recently debuted on France’s TF1, is a local […]

Show of the week: Steel Monsters

Steel Monsters has a pretty focused target demo, Gerrit Kemming, MD at Quintus Media, tells TBI. “It’s a show that is focusing purely on what has proved to be interesting for an international factual male audience: steel, size, astonishment. Very straightforward,” he explains. This 4 x 60-minute show is from WeltN24 and definitely has those […]

Show of the week: Unchained

Israel-based producer and distributor ADD Content previously sold Fauda to Netflix and is now bringing this hard-hitting drama about divorce to international buyers. Being sold as both a scripted format and a finished series, Unchained has been produced by United Studios of Israel and premiered on public broadcaster Kan. It was created by Joseph Madmoni, […]