Show of the Week

Show of the week: The Queen’s Green Planet

The Queen’s Green Planet tackles one of the world’s great ecological conundrums: protecting the forests of Earth. Specifically, it follows Queen Elizabeth II’s initiative to create a new global network of protected forests, which is known as The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. “Content that has a theme that resonates globally will obviously be more in demand […]

Show of the week: Spy School

Spy School is at the edgier end of kids content, but focuses on fun: the format is a gameshow themed around espionage and spying. Each episode tests young cadets aged 12-16 through five series of physical and mental challenges under the watch of spy handler Agent J. They solve cases and break codes at some […]

Show of the Week: Heritage

A fictional wealthy old widow looks for an heir in Global Agency’s latest game show, which sees contestants go head to head for inheritance money. The contestants participate in a range of tasks with the older woman so she can get a better idea of who they are and how they behave. At the end […]

Show of the Week: Fashion Auction

With online second-hand clothing auctions booming, Fashion Auction brings the phenomenon to TV. Participants will arrive on the show to sell at auction women’s clothes and accessories carefully pre-selected by the production. The items offered on the show will be varied, at times from prestigious brands, but always with a low starting bid. “It is […]

Show of the week: Big Bounce Battle

Big Bounce Battle promises to be one of the most fun new formats at MIPTV this year. The show, originally from Endemol Shine Netherlands and for German network RTL via Endemol Shine Germany, uses the growing global trend for trampolining and parkour as the centre point of its USP as a format. “It seems like […]

Show of the week: Couple or Not?

Billed as ‘Deal or No Deal with humans’, Couple or Not? is Vivendi Entertainment (VE)’s latest game show, which asks contestants to match two people together based on a range of clues. The show will feature a pair of contestants who have to reassemble six couples hidden among a group of 20 people. At the […]

Show of the week: The Hitler Chronicles – Blueprint for Dictators

It takes a brave filmmaker to create a documentary attempting to highlight the motivations that drove German dictator Adolf Hitler, and how his strategies have influenced those that have followed him. However, that’s exactly what Epoche Media has done with The Hitler Chronicles and what First Hand Films will be selling at MIPDoc. “The filmmakers […]

Show of the Week: TCB Media Rights’ Combat Machines

Many broadcasters will already be familiar with History UK’s Combat series. The 2015 series Combat Trains upped its slot average by 161%, while Combat ships doubled its time slot in February 2017, according to Adam Jacobs, executive producer at the franchise’s creator, Woodcut Media. Combat Ships’ ratings in France were as good as the local […]

Show of the week: Pablo

UK distributor Cake’s managing director Ed Galton bills Pablo as “the first ever children’s series featuring a central character with autism”. A compelling element is that the show uses entirely autistic voice talent. “Most of the writers are also autistic, so the stories reflect real experiences,” says Galton. “It is sensitively produced and beautifully animated, […]

Show of the week: Tib & TumTum

Tib and TumTum is focused on teaching children to accept diversity. Based on a comic book by Flora Grimaldi and Nicolas Bannister, it tells the story of Tib, who is different from other children in his prehistoric village as he has a birthmark on his face. The children of the clan make fun of him, […]

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