Show of the Week

Show of the Week: Perfect Life

Movistar+’s Spanish dramedy Perfect Life (Déjate Llevar) is the Canneseries nominee and female-focused title that follows three women in their thirties who turn their backs on a conventional life. Maria, Esther and Cristina are three adult and complex women who are right in the middle of a life crisis. They realise that the plans they had […]

Show of the week: When I Grow Up

Shows where kids take centre stage are extremely popular the world over, and When I Grow Up is a clever take on this sub-genre. It takes a group of 7 to 9 year old kids from a wide range of backgrounds and puts them in a charge of part of a company – from a […]

Show of the Week: Mr. Nelson on the North Side

Nearly three years since he died, Prince remains a subject of huge fascination. Ava Du Vernay (Selma, 13th) is, for example, helming a documentary about the life of Prince for Netflix. This documentary feature, however, focuses on his formative years, charting the journey to the top for the shy kid from a broken home in […]

Show of the week: Coroner

The crown jewel in Cineflix Rights’ growing scripted slate, Coroner has struck a chord in the market for procedurals – becoming the highest-rated drama debut on Canadian broadcaster CBC and the largest historical launch on Universal TV in the UK. Inspired by British writer M.R. Hall’s bestselling series of books, Coroner is a character-driven, hour-long […]

Show of the week: Dead Man’s Line

Dead Man’s Line looks well placed to help meet high broadcaster and streamer demand for feature length, true crime documentaries. It’s the story of a shocking kidnapping that gripped the US in 1977, when Tony Kiritsis, who had fallen behind on mortgage payments, took Indianapolis mortgage broker Dick Hall hostage by wiring a sawed-off shotgun […]

Show of the week: Fittest Family

Now in its sixth series for RTE1, the Fittest Family format is starting to gain traction in the international market. Distributor Magnify Media recently closed the first format license deal for this reality-fitness competition with Chilean network Chilevisión, owned by Turner Latin America, commissioning a local version. Fittest Family sees 12 mega-fit families compete in […]

Show of the week: Teachers Training to Kill

Training Teachers to Kill follows the heated debate taking place in school boards around the US on whether teachers should be trained to handle armed weapons to protect pupils during mass shootings. The debate kicked off as a suggestion from President Donald Trump after the February 2018 Parkland massacre and has since been put into […]

Show of the Week: Upgrade

Upgrade is the Israeli game show that sees contestants gamble household items, which can either be replaced by shiny new appliances or frozen from use for 30 days. The format, which first aired in 2009, sees a host approach randomly selected contestants at their home and offer them the chance to participate in a game […]

Show of the Week: Don’t Stop the Music

Don’t Stop the Music is heart-warming social experiment format and a social impact campaign rolled into one. It follows the progress of children from an underprivileged school as a music program is introduced into their lives. With many educational institutions currently neglecting the subject due to a lack of resources, the format tries to highlight why […]

Show of the week: Temptation Island

Banijay is set to reboot this dating classic for 2019, five years after it last broadcast in the US. This time the 11 x 60-minute format promises tweaks for the digital age and “new layers of psychological depth”. In case you missed it the first time, the rules of the format dictate that four couples […]

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