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Show of the Week: Blind Duets

Global Agency is presenting this brand-new musical competition format that sees four celebrity singers on a jury panel performing alongside 12 contestants to uncover their star quality. The identity of each contestant is hidden inside cabinets in a dazzling studio. After they share details of their lives and dreams, they sing a chosen song briefly […]

Show of the Week: You Shall Not Lie

When a video of a high school teacher having sex with one of her students goes viral, the lives of all those involved are thrown into chaos. This Spanish drama tracks the life of Macarena, a highly respected teacher living in the upmarket coastal town of Belmonte who finds herself despised and ostracised by her […]

Show of the Week: FriendZSpace

Tracking the lives of three intergalactic best friends, this kids series is all about embracing differences and getting into exciting trouble in the process. Jet-setting across the universe is all in a day’s work for three best friends – Alice, Leo and Kim – who may seem like regular human kids, but are actually risk-taking […]

Show of the Week: La Fortuna

This David versus Goliath battle, based on a true story, is from acclaimed director Alejandro Amenábar and stars Stanley Tucci as a modern-day pirate willing to go to any lengths to secure an unprecedented haul of treasure. Set in the deep waters off the Southern Spanish coast, La Fortuna offers an enthralling dramatisation of an […]

Show of the Week: Showtrial

Showtrial comes from World Productions, the UK firm behind hit drama Bodyguard, and explores the implications on justice when a murder trial grabs the public’s attention and draws unprecedented media scrutiny. By the producer’s own admission, Showtrial is a deliberately provocative title for a series that attempts to dive into the ramifications of what happens […]

TBI Show of the Week: The Winemaker

The Winemaker is a thrilling tale involving a murderous plot and the Mafia, all set against the stunning vistas and landscapes of the South Tyrolean vineyards in Italy. The series revolves around successful winemaker Matteo, who has built a comfortable life for himself and his family. What his family doesn’t know is that decades ago, […]

TBI Show of the Week: Rebecca

An obsessed detective is confronted by her worst fears in this crime drama remake from Paris-based production house Elephant, which has adapted the hit UK series Marcella for French audiences, and which is premiering with an Official Selection, French Competition, at the Séries Mania International Festival 2021. Six years after quitting the police force and […]

Show of the week: Reputation Rehab

This ‘name and shame’ factual format takes on the negative headlines in the media in an attempt to redeem the reputations of reality TV villains, bad boy sports stars and others in need of an image rehabilitation. The show features a panel filled with everyday people, who vote to decide who is worth a second […]

Show of the week: Abigail’s Tales

This engaging 52 x 11-minute series comes from Singapore-based producer One Animation and offers an intriguing take on the traditional fairy tale. The show revolves around six-year-old Abigail – an inquisitive puzzle-solver who is never afraid to ask questions – and her supportive best friends, Boomer the polar bear and Bing the penguin. The trio […]

Show of the week: Line In The Sand

Fans of the acclaimed Israeli thriller Fauda might find a lot to like in this new crime drama, which is based on true events. It has been co-created by Fauda director Rotem Shamir and writer Yuval Yefet, who was also behind the short, Last Of You. The 8 x 60-minute Line In The Sand is […]

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