Show of the Week: Perfect Life

Movistar+’s Spanish dramedy Perfect Life (Déjate Llevar) is the Canneseries nominee and female-focused title that follows three women in their thirties who turn their backs on a conventional life.

Maria, Esther and Cristina are three adult and complex women who are right in the middle of a life crisis. They realise that the plans they had made for themselves haven’t gotten them the long-promised happiness they yearned for.

Together, they try and find alternatives and make decisions that diverge from what society expects of them. They realise that life doesn’t necessarily have to be what they always imagined.

Beta Film will bring the title to MIPTV this April.

“The strong feminist element is why I think Canneseries has nominated the title for an award,” says Christian Gockel, executive VP of international operations.

“The humour is very special, it breaks certain taboos and prejudices and they talk about things the no one normally talks about.”

Spain’s answer to Fleabag is written and directed by Leticia Dolera, who is well known in the territory for her work on women’s rights. Dolera has a predominantly female cast, and has also staffed up with female crew, which makes up 65% of her workforce on the show.

Gockel says the international market is in need of more dramedies like Perfect Life. “There’s a bunch of dark thrillers out there, so taking something completely different, particularly coming from a platform such as Movistar+, makes this series much more attractive.”

He adds that Beta Film, which has become known for high-end historical dramas such as Medici: The Magnificent and Babylon Berlin, would like to vary its portfolio.

“We had a bit of experience with such titles with The Pier, which is also a strong female-driven series, and we have a feeling the market is looking for something like this,” says Gockel.

Distributor: Beta Film
Producer: Movistar+
Broadcaster: Movistar+