Show of the week: True Colours

Australian drama following the story of Aboriginal detective Toni Alma (Rarriwuy Hick), who is assigned to investigate a suspicious car accident in Perdar Theendar – the community she left as a child and has had little to do with since.

As the investigation unfolds, Alma must “navigate the fine line between respect for her community and its traditions, and maintaining professional standards as a detective, which constantly puts her in an impossible position,” reveals Laurent Boissel, joint-CEO and founder of APC Studios.

And as the case begins to point towards her own family, Alma must reckon with a killer who is too close to home.

Boissel adds that the 4 x 60-minute crime drama offers fans of the genre something they haven’t seen before, but will nonetheless be very relatable.

“Shot in a high-end cinematic style and set in the Australian Outback, it focuses on a crime being investigated by a female First Nations detective, and exposes audiences to the rich complexity of an Aboriginal community never explored from this perspective.

“Growing up part of two cultures, Toni is a woman who grapples with finding balance in her sense of identity and where she fits in the world. That sense of not quite fitting and that search of belonging is something audiences globally can relate to.”

Producer: Bunya Productions
Distributor: APC Studios
Broadcasters: SBS Australia
Logline: An Aboriginal detective returns to her childhood community to investigate a suspicious car accident

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