Show of the week: Alma’s Way

Six-year-old Alma Rivera is a proud Bronx-born, Puerto Rican girl living a fast-paced city life, where her closest friend and confidant is the viewer.

Sharing her secrets, feelings and challenges with the audience watching at home, Alma adds colourful commentary to the big and small moments in her life.

When Alma’s not sure what to do next, she stops to do one of her signature ‘think throughs’, in which time freezes and Alma pauses to look back to what’s happened or to imagine what might happen and figure out what she needs to do next.

“Alma’s Way will appeal to kids around the world as it reflects the universal experience of problem-solving and creative thinking skills,” says Kate Sanagan, head of sales and distribution at Sinking Ship Entertainment.

“Each episode follows Alma as she knows something needs to change but isn’t sure what to do, and we think kids all over can relate to this. Alma’s think-through moments in each episode are excellent models for kids to learn self-confidence and resilience.”

Producers: Fred Rogers Production
Distributor: Sinking Ship Entertainment
Broadcasters: PBS Kids
Logline: Bronx-born Puerto Rican six-year-old Alma shares her thoughts and feelings with viewers

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