Show of the week: Strangers On A Plane

Holidays are meant to be a relaxing experience, but this new reality format sees five people sacrifice their downtime by placing their plans into the hands of total strangers.

In this stripped daytime series, five holiday-goers pack their bags for the same popular holiday destination. Once settled, they’ll each take control of an action-packed 24 hours, in a bid to prove they can holiday better than anyone else.

From chaotic dune buggy racing and hilarious beach raves, to stinking youth hostels, the five travelers battle it out for the week’s grand prize – another five days in the sun with a person of their choice.

“One person’s idea of heaven is another’s hell,” observes Steve Wynne, CEO of show producer Strawberry Blond TV. “We had some strangers spending hardly any money at all on the accommodation and spending it on cocktails. Another decided canyoning would be a brilliant idea – and two of their guests were afraid of heights.”

Understandably there were some “tears and tantrums,” reveals Wynne. “Some took to it (literally) like a duck to water, others had to be (literally) pushed. Each day, the holiday host gets to see the feedback from their guests – which makes for an interesting week for making friends, but also the cause of arguments.”

Wynne says that the format is inexpensive to produce and “literally travels everywhere” making it ideal for international adaptation. He also notes: “It’s also a really fun series to make. Which production team doesn’t want to spend their days filming on holiday?”

Producer: Strawberry Blond TV
Distributor: Hat Trick International
Broadcaster: Channel 4 (UK)
Logline: Reality format in which five strangers set out to prove who can organise the best holiday at the same popular destination

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