Show of the week: Dating Like The Stars

There is movie magic in the air in this innovative dating format that gives singletons the chance to woo three potential love matches – while also recreating some of the most famous scenes in Hollywood history.

Before picking a prospective partner to date in real life, participants dive into the world of film by acting out love scenes from iconic blockbusters.

“It’s not just a dating show – it’s an experiment to see if on-screen chemistry can translate into real life love for ordinary people in the way it has for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars,” reveals Laura Gibson, creative director at Fremantle-owned Talkback.

Guided by acting and intimacy coaches, the leading lady or gentleman first meet their potential match in the rehearsal room, where they immerse themselves in the chosen scene. After filming, they review the takes to decide on who they would like to join them on a real-life first date.

There are plenty of steamy scenes to serve as inspiration, says Gibson, revealing: “The Fifty Shades Of Grey spanking scene was particularly fun – the boy wanted to swap roles.

“Others included the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore pottery scene from Ghost and the raunchy rain scene from The Notebook that made Ryan Gosling a worldwide pin up.”

Producer: Talkback
Distributor: Fremantle
Broadcasters: Channel 4
Logline: Singletons try to find their perfect match by recreating famous scenes from Hollywood movies


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