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TBI Weekly: Are we in the midst of a watershed moment for streaming?

Streaming has become the prevalent force among content-hungry consumers over the past few years, but developments this week suggest we may well be in the midst of a watershed moment. Media giants including Comcast-owned NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, Disney and Discovery have all contributed to a news flow over the past seven days that has been dominated […]

TBI Weekly: What next for the novel adaptation boom?

With drama producers around the world being forced to put filming on hiatus, development has taken centre-stage, something apparent in the recent flurry of news emerging about novel adaptations and option deals. TBI explores what’s next for the literary boom. Novels have been adapted for the screen pretty much since the day that the first […]

TBI Weekly: Gunning for a global return to production

Shows around the world that had been put on hold because of Covid-19 are resuming production, as companies and broadcasters begin to get to grips with new protocols and workarounds. Here are six takeaways from the past week that point to a brighter future. Great white hope Scripted production might still be off the cards […]

TBI Weekly: Delving into Netflix’s results & its global insights

Prior to Netflix, there were exceptionally few TV-related companies that provided a global reflection of viewing trends and production insights through their quarterly results statements. This data, coupled with the most recent three-month period in which locked down viewers have been hungry for entertainment, made publication of the streamer’s Q2 results late yesterday fascinating reading […]

TBI Weekly: Six takeaways from a week with the kids

From $15m funding slates to discussions about driving diversity, the past week has provided plenty to consider for those in the kid’s TV business. With the 17th edition of the Children’s Media Conference wrapping today, TBI reflects on the key takeaways. Reflecting your audience The conference kicked off on Monday with a keynote panel discussion […]

TBI Weekly: Unpacking Banijay’s scale play for Endemol Shine

Banijay’s pursuit of Endemol Shine Group dragged on for nearly two years but now, with the deal formally completed, attention is focused on just how these two giants of the international content business will combine their operations. What is abundantly clear is that the deal is premised on scale. France-based, Vivendi-backed Banijay – fattened up […]

TBI Weekly: Will China’s media giants push Netflix out of Asia-Pacific?

Netflix is, for now, the undisputed global king of streaming, boasting close to 183 million subscribers across most corners of the world – but not quite everywhere. Mainland China is one territory where Netflix has yet to gain a foothold. It is instead ruled by its local media giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, known collectively […]

TBI Weekly: Six Reasons Why Adult Animation Is Set To Flourish

Adult animation is a well-worn medium but the unique combination of a global production shutdown, ongoing uncertainty over the viability of big budget scripted projects and the insatiable demand for content is pushing the genre forward at rapid speed. And while animated projects are not quick turnarounds, they are perhaps the most viable for production […]

TBI Weekly: Five Covid-19 takeaways as LA resumes production

Producers in the Hollywood state might be able to return to shooting from today – subject to an array of Covid-19 protocols – but the TV environment remains largely unconducive to the traditional methods of filming. TBI takes a look at how companies around the world are adapting and reflects on how another week of […]

TBI Weekly: What next for BBC Studios as boss Tim Davie departs?

Newly appointed BBC director general Tim Davie had been seen by many as the leading candidate for the top job in UK broadcasting as far back as January – but will his new role help or hinder the commercial arm he’s leaving behind? Much has been made of the considerable market savvy shown by Tim […]