TBI Weekly

TBI Weekly: What’s working & what isn’t in international coproductions

Cold Courage scribe Brendan Foley reflects on what’s working and what isn’t in the emerging world of scripted co-productions following his trip to the Heart Of Europe International TV Festival in Poland. I blame my parents. One of the first toys I can remember was an aged tin box with a handle on the side. […]

TBI Weekly: Unpacking the reality of being a producer

TBI’s man in LA, Arrested Industries CEO Anthony Kimble, draws a line between the hugely stress-inducing episode of The Bear and the life of a producer as the US strikes drag on. Who’d be a producer? Earlier in my TV career, while working for broadcasters and distributors, I envied many of the producers I met. […]

TBI Weekly: Why cutting a deal with brands can deliver on documentaries

Tapping into brand’s budgets can open up swathes of opportunities, with documentaries one area offering particular potential. TBI’s resident branded content expert, Luci Sanan, explores how it works. More brands are using television – by which I mean ‘video content’ viewed on any device – to tell impactful stories about things that matter to them, […]

TBI Weekly: Ahead of MIPCOM, does anyone actually have any money?

As the industry gears up for MIPCOM in a month’s time, TBI’s resident format expert Siobhan Crawford questions where the money will  be found when we all reach Cannes as the industry reaches a tipping point. One big collective shit-storm. Shall we talk about it? You know, our situation… where are we going? A line […]

TBI Weekly: Content Innovation Awards 2023 shortlist revealed

The Content Innovation Awards 2023 shortlist has been unveiled ahead of the ceremony at MIPCOM in October, following a record-breaking number of submissions. This year’s Awards reflect the rapidly changing content industry, with long-standing favourite categories such as Best New Scripted Series and Best Documentary sitting alongside new categories focused on true crime, FAST channels […]

TBI Weekly: From UK slowdown to global reset at the Edinburgh TV Festival

The 2023 edition of the Edinburgh TV Festival is wrapping up after four schedule-busting days of industry panels, networking, a Louis Theroux-led MacTaggart Lecture – and the occasional wee dram in the Scottish capital. Conversation on and off stage this week has been largely dominated by the commissioning slowdown in the UK – and the […]

TBI Weekly: Shifting targets in South Africa amid Hollywood shutdown

With Hollywood closed for business, Arrested Industries CEO & TBI’s resident scripted expert Anthony Kimble leaves LA and finds a new place in the sun for scripted projects. With the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and actors union SAG-AFTRA strikes still in full swing, Hollywood’s ‘summer of discontent’ seems set to continue into autumn. Will […]

TBI Weekly: What Barbie teaches us about branded content

TBI’s resident branded content expert, Luci Sanan, explains what the global success of Barbie tells us about branded content and its role in the future of TV. Let’s all be more Barbie. I was at a music festival at the weekend and adult rock fans were wearing Barbie T-shirts. I had pink nails. Like it […]

TBI Weekly: Why not all press is good press for TV formats

The power of a good press release. Headlines raise brand awareness, keep content alive in the market, maybe help a few sales limp over the finish line. But what are they really worth? And what impact do they have? A good press release can cost you 25% of your intellectual property/backend (plus c. €6k via […]

TBI Weekly: Why the UK is sleepwalking towards losing public-service kids’ content

Kids’ content veterans Anna Home and Greg Childs, the chair and director, respectively, of The Children’s Media Foundation, lay out what the loss of the Young Audiences Content Fund last year means for UK children’s programming – and the challenges that lay ahead. For the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF), this year has been dominated by […]