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TBI Weekly: The problem with the UK’s format isolationism

With MIPCOM on the horizon, European format specialist Siobhan Crawford offers a plea to UK companies to use the opportunity to more deeply engage with their counterparts in Europe, rather than relying on local talent for new formats. I was at Edinburgh TV Festival last month. Lovely market. Nothing new though. So now we look […]

TBI Weekly: Six takeaways from Les Rendez-vous Unifrance in Biarritz

The French seaside town of Biarritz has been home to more than 250 international buyers this week, who headed to the first in-person Les Rendez-vous Unifrance since the pandemic. Unifrance’s exec director, Daniela Elstner, reflects on her key takeaways from the event’s 28th edition and explores how the French industry is adapting to global demands. Physical connection […]

TBI Weekly: Exploring the stakes in the clash of Rings and Dragons

Once upon a time, two of the world’s biggest media giants both launched prequel drama series as part of popular fantasy franchises within the same two-week span. One of the shows was handed the largest budget of any TV series ever, while the success or failure of the other could have major consequences for a […]

TBI Weekly: Six takeaways from the Edinburgh TV Festival

From snarky remarks around reboots, to a scripted industry in “corrective” mode and Netflix’s attempts to assert itself as the place to be for UK producers, the Edinburgh TV Festival again threw up plenty to talk about. The Edinburgh TV Festival tends to mark the end of the summer for those operating in the UK content industry, but this year’s event […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Reappraising Disney+ Hotstar’s potential in India

India’s streaming industry offers huge subscriber potential but lower average revenues per user, and operators are adapting accordingly. Jun Wen Woo, senior analyst for TV & online video at TBI sibling Omdia, provides her take on the latest industry developments. After Disney lost Indian Premier League (IPL) digital media rights earlier this year, Disney+ Hotstar […]

TBI Weekly: Unscripted paper format creators you need to know (part 2)

Format creatives and their ideas are in demand, but where can you find them and what types of shows are on offer? Luckily for you, TBI’s resident format expert Siobhan Crawford has scoured the globe to provide you with another set of names making the paper format market a brighter place. Put your hands up if […]

TBI Weekly: Who cares about streaming figures?

A nice view can take you a long way in the streaming world. The majestic Great Plains of the early 18th century and the sunny climes of modern-day Santa Barbara may seem worlds apart but do have one thing in common – both have pulled in record breaking numbers for US streamers Hulu and Peacock. […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring viewing habits across Europe

Over recent weeks, TBI has brought you exclusive insights around content consumption in the US and the UK, courtesy of Omdia’s annual Cross-Platform Viewing Time Report. In this final extract, we explore viewing trends in select countries across Europe. Linear viewing is in decline across much of the world, but the levels of consumption varies […]

TBI Weekly: What Warner Bros. Discovery’s latest moves spell for DC & HBO

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has finally started drawing out the roadmap for its merged streaming service, but for all the clarity that onlookers have received in the last 24 hours, there is yet more to be gleaned about what the future holds for the media giant. Thanks to yesterday’s Q2 earnings call, we now know […]

TBI Weekly: Why HBO Max & Hulu’s rights-sharing deal adds up

HBO Max and Hulu’s decision to share ‘co-exclusive’ streaming rights to breakout comedy hit Abbot Elementary can be easily explained – but it also underlines that pragmatism is the name of the game now for US studios. The past seven days have again underlined how once red-hot feelings for streaming have turned decidedly tepid. NBCUniversal-owned Peacock has […]