Show of the Week: Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures

Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures (Source: Banijay Kids & Family)

Youngsters Thelma and Wendy are not looking forward to spending the whole summer at their Grandpa Walter’s house – that is, until they make a magical discovery involving some amazing animals, in this new animated series from Paris-based Monello Productions, which is distributed by Banijay Kids & Family.

As the sisters quickly learn, their grandfather’s property isn’t just a vast nature-filled estate like they always thought – it’s also home to the Chimeras, extraordinary creatures with incredible powers.

The show “stemmed from an idea I had about bringing together human characters with magical creatures that are a blend of animals, plants, and minerals,” reveals series creator and director Clément de Ruyter.

“I was inspired by the types of video games I was playing, like PokémonMonster Hunter, and Shadow Of The Colossus. These sorts of games often share a common theme of violence in human interactions with nature – through capturing, hunting, and destruction,” says de Ruyter.

“In contrast, I wanted to create a gentler story, where the focus is on the well-being of these creatures, aiming to understand them without disturbing them.”

The Chimeras usually remain hidden from human eyes – except when they choose to reveal themselves to whoever becomes the Chimera Keeper, which is exactly what happened to Thelma and Wendy’s grandfather when he was a youngster.

Now it’s their turn to learn about these animals.  But to look after the Chimeras properly, Wendy and Thelma will first have to learn how to look after each other.

“Their adventures involve learning, and sometimes making mistakes in how to deal with these creatures. They must also keep the existence of the Chimera secret from Rosa, a curious neighbour, and Kevin, an apprentice journalist specializing in the paranormal. Their goal is to become Chimera keepers like their beloved grandfather,” shares de Ruyter.

Along the way, the youngsters will ride Quillson,­ which is part bear and part hedgehog, trim the branches of Lunar, a fox-like centipede that resembles a pine forest, and fly among a herd of Baabulus, which are part sheep and part cloud.

“Each episode sees Thelma and Wendy discovering new things about the Chimeras, and life in general. They learn to understand themselves and each other better too, improving their relationship,” reveals Giorgio Welter and Cécile Sady, the president and COO, respectively, of Banijay Kids & Family-backed Monello Productions – and producers on the show.

“Young audiences will enjoy sharing the adventures of Thelma and Wendy as they embark on their journey with these magical creatures in stunning environments,” adds the duo. “Viewers will get to experience the best vacation ever!”


Show title: Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures

Producer/s: Monello Productions (Giorgio Welter, Cécile Sady)

Broadcasters: France Télévisions, RTBF, VRT

Distribution: Banijay Kids & Family Distribution

Logline: Join Thelma and Wendy on an extraordinary summer adventure, discovering the unique and magical Chimera creatures!

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