Show of the week: The Real Fatal Attraction

This 75-minute documentary tells a real-life British thriller story – the case of Anisah Ahmed and Iqbal Mohammed.

In 2010, 22-year-old Ahmed made the first of many social media approaches to barrister Mohammed purporting to be seeking career advice. Her online overtures eventually led to a meeting and an affair.

But when Ahmed discovered Iqbal was married and he broke off their dalliance, she embarked on a multi-layered plot of revenge. Over the years, she carried out a series of acts against Iqbal, claiming she was a victim of violent behaviour.

“The full story hasn’t been told before,” reveals Janice Strangward, SVP of sales at Wag Entertainment, with the doc featuring police footage that has never been seen before while many of the interviewees have never spoken about the case.

“Central to the film is a very personal account from victim Iqbal Mohammed; it was brave of him to agree to be interviewed. Doing so meant talking about his affair and how it nearly cost him his marriage.”

Starting with faking social media accounts and threatening calls, Ahmed’s actions escalated to staging a kidnap, a near-fatal stabbing and ultimately a false allegation of multiple rapes, which left his life in ruins.

“The subject of male harassment isn’t something you hear much about in the media; I can’t think of another documentary that addresses this subject,” adds Strangward of the film.

Producer: Wag Entertainment
Distributor: Wag Entertainment
Broadcaster: ITVX (UK)
Logline: Documentary revealing for the first time the full true story of a woman who set out to destroy the life of a man who ended their affair

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