Show of the week: Rebooting

This quirky Japanese comedy follows a woman who gets the chance to revisit her banal life when she suddenly gets hit by a car and dies.

As she awakens into the afterlife, she finds herself in an empty white room where a clerk files her death. There are then two doors: one leads to her next life as a giant anteater, while another allows her to re-enter her previous, boring life.

She chooses to take control of her karma and reincarnation, and her second go at life begins; however, things do not go as planned and when she dies again, she faces the decision once more.

“At first, she is desperate to be rebooted as a human being, instead of a giant anteater or a mackerel or a sea urchin, and she tries her best to become a better version of herself compared to her past life,” reveals Yuki Akehi, director of international business development at Nippon TV.

“However, as she is said “to be prone to die in her 30’s”, when she dies again and again, repeating her same life over and over again, she realises that she should take advantage of the knowledge she remembers from her past lives and use it not only for herself but for the dear people surrounding her.” Akehi says that the series tells “a positive and heartwarming story” that “gives viewers the chance to reflect on the lingering question: what would you do if you had the chance to restart your life?”

Producer: Nippon TV
Distributor: Nippon TV
Broadcaster: Nippon TV (Japan)
Logline: A woman gets the chance to relive her life over and over again after refusing to reincarnate in this supernatural comedy series

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