Show of the week: 44 Hours

This is the shocking true story of Gil Avni, who appeared brain dead and was seemingly unconscious in an intensive care unit for almost two days.

As his family made funeral plans and his friends visited for the last time, none suspected that Avni could hear and understand everything that was happening around him. Just as he came to accept his imminent death, Avni woke up, 44 hours later.

“The producer, Einat-Hana Shamir, along with her team and the team at Yes Docu, were given amazing access to everyone involved with this incredible case,” reveals Sharon Levi, MD at Yes Studios.

“Gil Avni was very generous with his time, re-living his experiences and thoughts in great detail, and his family members were wonderfully helpful, especially his wife.”

Medical staff also shared their thoughts on this unusual case that has doctors baffled, yet has changed the way in which they approach similar situations.

“For example, coma patients will be talked about by name (rather than bed number) and they will be told that people are fighting for them. It will no longer be taken for granted that they are brain dead,” says Levi.

“I think viewers everywhere will find it a fascinating watch, as everyone could put themselves in Gil’s shoes and realise the horror he went through. Once you start watching you just have to finish as it’s such an incredible story, a mystery, and you need to know how it plays out,” adds the exec.

Producers: Yes TV, Neue Celluloid Fabrik Filmproduktion
Distributor: Yes Studios
Broadcaster: Yes TV (Israel), SWR (Germany), Arte (France)
Logline: Documentary about a man who is locked into his own body for almost two days and is completely aware of his surroundings

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