Netflix ‘will remain dominant’ in Lat Am

Netflix original Narcos

Netflix original Narcos

Netflix will remain the dominant SVOD player in Latin America for the foreseeable future, according to a new report.

Digital TV Research stats show Netflix will have 16.65 million subs in the region by 2021, which is more than its rivals combined. Mexico-based Claro Video will be second with 6.21 million, with Televisa’s Blim gaining nearly three million.

Movistar Play is predicted to have 824,000 subs, with HBO trailing with 818,000. Other services will account for 4.39 million.

“Despite losing market share, Netflix will still account for more than half of Latin America’s SVOD subscribers by 2021,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research.

Digital TV Research - Lat Am SVOD

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“Demonstrating rapid growth, Claro Video will bring almost another fifth – so Netflix and Claro Video together will account for 70% of the 2021 total.”

Elsewhere in the report, Digital TV Research predicts almost a fifth of Latin American homes will pay for an SVOD service by 2021.

This is up from the 10.9% figure predicted for year-end 2016, with Mexico (28.3%), Chile (23.9%) and Argentina (23.5%) having the highest penetration rates in five years.

“Brazil will account for 36% of the region’s SVOD subs by 2021, with Mexico bringing in a further 26%,” said Digital TV Research’s principal analyst, Simon Murray. “So, these two heavyweights will contribute nearly two-thirds of the SVOD subs by 2021.”

The Latin America SVOD Forecasts report covers 18 territories across the region.