Mediametrie buys majority of TAPE

France-based Médiamétrie / EurodataTV Worldwide has acquired a majority stake in UK formats specialist TAPE Consultancy.

Eurodata has taken a 52% stake in TAPE, with the latter’s managing directors, John Peek and Paul Youngbluth, retaining the other 48%.

Médiamétrie is a globally-focused programming trends specialist, while TAPE offers TV companies insight into the strategies of studios, producers and networks.

The pair say joining forces will “reinforce their mutual expertise and offer the TV industry professionals – studios, channels and rights holders – a unique service for international programme and market analysis”.

Furthermore, TAPE will gain an enlarged analytical service offer using Médiamétrie-developed tools and channel audience data, while Médiamétrie gains a bigger foothold in the UK.

“In an increasingly complex and global programme production and distribution environment, TAPE Consultancy and EurodataTV Worldwide provide the market with specialists skills and proven track-record that combine quantitative and qualitative analysis, vital assets for today’s content professionals,” said Frédéric Vaulpré, EurodataTV Worldwide VP.

“Bringing together our two companies will help build on our insights into audience behaviour and what drives their viewing choices, and while content remains at the heart of the TV business, understanding what motivates the audience will only gain importance in the coming years,” said Youngbluth.

TAPE launched in 1976, originally starting life within a UK advertising agency.

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