‘Moneybags’ prodco Youngest Media closes as effects of pandemic bite


Moneybags and Game Of Clones producer Youngest Media is closing after seven years of operation, citing the long-term effects of the pandemic on its business.

The UK-based firm was set up in 2016 by Endemol Shine Group duo David Flynn and Lucas Church, with formats including Channel 4 (C4) quizzer Moneybags and ITV gameshow Small Fortune on its slate.

Game Of Clones

The latter went on to be remade by NBC in the US, while dating show Game Of Clones debuted on C4 and secured numerous options before travelling Stateside via MTV. Other commissions included House Share for BBC Three.

The company, which entered liquidation proceedings earlier this month, had also expanded internationally by hiring All3Media alum Mark Stehli to lead a German arm and Endemol Shine France’s Thierry Lachkar to head up operations in France.

“We thought we’d managed to weather the storm of the pandemic but the impact on cashflow and creative pipeline really hit us last year,” Flynn and Church told UK trade Broadcast. “A few key decisions on shows didn’t go our way, so sadly we’ve closed down Youngest.”

The duo added: “We’d like to thank everyone who has been part of Youngest, who made all this possible and turned our company into such a fun place to work.”

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