BBC Three commissions Youngest Media for ‘House Share’

BBC Three has commissioned six-part docu-reality series House Share from Youngest Media.

The 6 x 20-minute series finds six youth given the chance to move to London, and make a living in the capital while living with a roster of housemates – whom they must also share all their earnings with. With a communal household account for every purchase, from groceries to nights out, the participants must trust each other not to blow the cash.

At the end of six weeks, housemates decide to carry on house-sharing together and pursuing their chosen careers in London or heading back to their home cities.

House Share was commissioned by Fiona Campbell, controller of BBC Three, and Nasfim Haque, commissioner for BBC Three. The commissioning editor for the BBC is Carl Callam, while executive producers include David Flynn, Shaun Parry and Michelle Woods for Youngest Media and series editor is Laura Capaldi.

Youngest Media was founded in 2016 by David Flynn and Lucas Church. Its portfolio include the likes of ITV primetime format Small Fortune, which has sold to NBC in the US, and dating show Game of Clones, which has so far sold into five territories.

David Flynn, co-founder of Youngest, said: “Building on Youngest’s reputation for delivering compelling formats across TV and digital video, we’re thrilled to be making House Share for BBC Three.

“Moving into a shared house in a new city with dreams and aspirations is a rite of passage for young people all over the world. Sharing everything they earn could allow the housemates to build a new life in London if they can resist the urge to spend.”

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