Hulu cancels ‘Woke’ after two seasons


Hulu has cancelled live-action/animation hybrid comedy series Woke after two seasons.

The show, which launched in September 2020, was created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd, and recently completed its second season on the Disney-owned US streamer.

Star Lamorne Morris confirmed the show’s cancellation on social media, writing: “It looks like Woke Season 3 will not be happening.

“We had a good run but now it’s time for me to cancel my Hulu subscription but not before thanking all the fans. This wouldn’t have been possible without y’all support.

“The way y’all rallied behind Woke was incredible. Having folks on the street stop me to show love for the characters and the writing has been incredibly rewarding. Especially when we tackle what we tackle.”

Morris starred in the series as Keef, a character loosely based upon cocreator Knight, a cartoonist who gains the ability to see and hear inanimate objects and becomes more aware of the racism he encounters in his everyday life.

“Playing Keith has been an absolute pleasure especially with the wonderful cast and crew assembled. Thanks for including me in your journey. Looking forward to this next chapter and what life reveals next,” added Morris.

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