Show of the week: Good Singers

Good Singers

Global Agency’s Good Singers format is a talent show like no other – the trick is simply to look the part.

The format recently debuted on France’s TF1 and is based on Is That Really Your Voice?, which requires two teams to guess the most talented singers to win money for charity. TF1’s version is hosted by TV personality Anthony Lambert.

The show was originally created by Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Turkey’s Global Agency, who said he came up with the format after watching Scottish singer Susan Boyle stun viewers on talent competition Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009. “Her voice did not match her look and created big, surprising moments for the audience. This feeling led me to create this idea,” he says.

It is the first known format to be based around guessing a contestants’ singing talent from their appearance and their voice, rather than hearing them break into song. “Among the contestants are some who have unbearable voices,” Pinto adds, “it’s a comedy mystery gameshow, which combines entertainment and talent.”

The Global Agency CEO says these elements ensure the longevity of the format, and point to the enduring success of talent shows.

“These types of shows are still popular because first of all they are all related to real life and contain reality. In these shows the most unexpected abilities can come out of the most unexpected people. This surprises the audience. Also, the life stories behind the unexpected real abilities also attract the viewers and surprise them. That’s why these kinds of formats still achieve high ratings.”

Pinto adds that TF1 “did an amazing job and produced an extremely high-quality show”, with Global Agency partnering with TF1 Productions on their version. The result equally positive, with record figures for its launch in July. “We worked with the TF1 team for three months, we worked on everything in detail. The jury consists of top names from the TV industry. The contestants are extremely talented. The graphic designers and sound designers are all brilliant. The host Jarry is one of the most loved TV personalities in France.”

The show is not a typical music talent show, Pinto adds, offering more humour and curiosity compared to other talent shows. “They believe that in difficult times having a good music gameshow would be the right timing. And they were looking for a summer time special, which made the show perfect for their acquisitions.”

TF1’s Good Singers has spawned a flurry of interest from others, with huge interest in the format even before the launch. “We have already received interest from 10 territories, it looks like audiences around the world are showing interest in comedy formats these days. We believe that this show can be the next big thing over the next two years.”

Broadcaster: TF1
Producer: TF1
Distributor: Global Agency
Concept/Synopsis: Singers, both talented and not so talented, try to impress celebrity judges without actually performing.

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