Show of the Week: SeaBelievers

Billed as the first show in a whole new genre of ‘eco-tainment’, this CGI animation is set to take children on an educational and inspiring environmentally-minded journey beneath the waves.

Aimed at 4-7-year-olds, SeaBelievers follows a group of super-powered characters with seaweed hair, seashell noses, sea-coloured eyes and webbed hands and feet, as they problem-solve and take action around key environmental issues.

Every episode focuses on a special topic related to the environmental issues in the ocean, from endangered species to oil waste or overfishing.

“It is so important to let kids know that they can change the world and that there are role models for that in shows with authentic characters they really can relate to,” says Dorian Buehr, head of global distribution at Studio 100 Media.

It’s not all just about education, however, adds Buehr: “This strong messaging is very important to us. But SeaBelievers is also a musical adventure. Each episode features original tunes that convey the message of the episode, whilst also making it impossible to keep your feet still. With songs for kids to sing and dance along to it combines the educational part with a fun and entertaining experience.”

The first season of 52 x 11-minute episodes is ready for 2021, with no broadcaster yet set. Buehr says that he hopes SeaBelievers will make an ideal show for children and parents to “co-view” adding: “We want kids to connect with the characters and to watch the show on their own and for parents to know that SeaBelievers is a safe destination for their young kids.”

Broadcaster: N/A

Producer: Created by Brien Arone (Founder and SeaEO at SeaBelievers), Baboon Animation (USA), Telegael (Ireland) and AnCartoon (China)

Distributor: Studio 100 Media 

Concept/Synopsis: ‘Eco-tainment’ series, informing and entertaining children about real-life issues affecting the ocean and encouraging them to make a difference through adventure and song.

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