Show of the week: Vintage Voltage

This new 10-part car transformation series from the UK’s Attaboy TV and MPH Film gives vehicles the makeover they need to keep up with more recent models. The show goes behind the scenes at a Wales-based operation that is converting classic vehicles to run off electric power, on a scale larger than anywhere else in the world.

“This group of mechanics are right at the forefront of what they are doing, taking modern-day technology and integrating it into cars which are up to 50 years old,” says Julie Meldal-Johnsen, EVP of Global Content at ITV Studios. “So what’s unique about the show is that, in a world which is becoming increasingly electric, it is highlighting how these classic models can be brought into the future and not necessarily end up as museum pieces.”

But more than that, Meldal-Johnsen says that the transformations also help to make the vehicles more environmentally friendly: “The whole premise is obviously about future-proofing these classic models so that they are both road-worthy and sustainable going into the future. Seeing the transformation is incredible and each of the owners are delighted. And ultimately, it’s not only going to be less cost for them, but also less cost to the planet.”

Each episode features one classic car going through the process of being converted from fossil fuel into electric power, with all of the cars finishing up considerably more powerful than before.

However, each car comes with its own set of particular challenges and with vehicles ranging from Porsches and Ferraris to Range Rovers and Fiat 500s, the team has got its work cut out.

“The challenges are not only the process of putting an electric motor where there used to be a fuel-powered engine, but also how you make a 50-year-old car cope with the additional power,” says Meldal-Johnsen. “So it’s not just about putting in the motor, the batteries, the control system… but what do you do with the brakes, what do you do with the suspension and so on. Essentially how do you ensure that the car can utilise its new functionality.”

Meldal-Johnsen is confident that this show will appeal to gearheads across the globe: “Produced by the car-savvy team behind Wheeler Dealers, Attaboy TV has a track record of making internationally successful car shows for over 20 years.

“While there are classic car enthusiasts the world over for whom Vintage Voltage will obviously be hugely appealing, it’s also a multi-layered show which is enabling car restoration to be seen in a whole new light, giving people’s pride and joy a new lease of life.”

Distributor: ITV Studios

Producer: Attaboy TV, MPH Film

Broadcaster: Motor Trend (USA)

Concept/Synopsis: Future-proofing cars by transforming them into electrifying rides.

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