Show of the week: Giant Hubs

Giant Hubs is a 6 x 60’ minute series that showcases some of the world’s biggest transportation hubs that hold international travelers as they make their ways to far flung destinations every minute of the day and night.

“Everyone has been to an airport, has sent a post card or has bought a product from the other side of the planet. They have also asked the same questions: How does the suitcase know which airplane to go to? Which route does the postcard take when it has left the sender before arriving at its destination? How does a mobile phone from Korea find its new owner in France?,” says Gerrit Kemming, managing director at Quintus Media.

These are the questions that producers Maximus Film GmBH attempt to answer as they take the show to MIPCOM.

Title: Giant Hubs
Producer: Maximus Film GmbH
Distributor: Quintus Media
Broadcaster: Discovery (Southern Europe), RMC Decouverte, Welt (N24)
Concept: This six-part series gives behind-the-scenes insight into some of the biggest transportation and travellers hubs on the planet

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