Show of the Week: Family Food Fight

Good humour and healthy family rivalry are promised in Endemol Shine Australia’s Family Food Fight, a high-energy cooking competition pitting six households against one another.

Headed up by joint CEOs Mark and Carl Fennessy, who are credited for supercharging the success of MasterChef, the format celebrates family home-style cooking where everyone gets together to cook their favourite recipes handed down between generations.

“The focus is on accessible meals and aspirational home cooking that will inspire budding home cooks across the nation to don their aprons and get into the kitchen together,” said Lisa Perrin, CEO of Endemol Shine unit Creative Works.

Contestants range from 15 to 69 years old, which makes the title representative and relatable, according to the exec.

“With a mix of fast-paced cooking fun, the competition captures the unique family dynamic, with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents and grandchildren, all cooking their hearts out to take out the coveted top spot.”

Family Food Fight touches on themes that translate around the world, making it a candidate for international success. “Food and family cooking is not just unique to Australia – around the world kitchens are often the heart of home, “ adds Perrin.

Food has commonly been a popular genre with wide universal appeal, but there has never been such a wealth of ‘foodie’ culture as we see today, according to Perrin.

“There has definitely been more interest in the genre in recent years and we’ve been delving into our catalogue of 101 food formats on top of this development,” she adds.

The show: Family Food Fight
The broadcaster: Nine Network
The producer: Endemol Shine Australia
The distributor: Endemol Shine International
The concept: Six Aussie food-loving families go head-to-head in the kitchen in the battle for supremacy.

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