Show of the Week: Fashion Auction

With online second-hand clothing auctions booming, Fashion Auction brings the phenomenon to TV.

Participants will arrive on the show to sell at auction women’s clothes and accessories carefully pre-selected by the production.

The items offered on the show will be varied, at times from prestigious brands, but always with a low starting bid.

“It is the very first TV show about a fashion auction. Anybody can sell, anybody can buy,” said Anthony Meunier, COO at Herve Hubert. “What’s appealing is that luxury becomes affordable for everybody.”

The show targets women from 7 to 77, according to Meunier but can also appeal to various genders and even children.

“It is a real auction experience with all the excitement of the bidding war,” according to the exec.

Name of the show: Fashion Auction
The producer: Herve Hubert
The distributor: Global Agency
The concept: Bringing second-hand fashion auctions to TV

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