Show of the week: Big Bounce Battle

Big Bounce Battle promises to be one of the most fun new formats at MIPTV this year.

The show, originally from Endemol Shine Netherlands and for German network RTL via Endemol Shine Germany, uses the growing global trend for trampolining and parkour as the centre point of its USP as a format.

“It seems like everyone is going to Gravity Force with their kids and this is TV iteration of that,” says Endemol Shine Creative Networks CEO Lisa Perrin. “It sits perfectly alongside our heritage formats like Wipeout and the newly relaunched Fear Factor.”

In Germany, Perrin says the format has resonated with young audiences: “It’s very accessible and fun – you don’t have to be uber-fit to take part like Ninja Warrior. You also can’t help but want to try it – we’ve all bounced around on a trampoline at sometime in our lives, and there’s real feeling of fun around the format.”

Each episode sees a wide variety of contestants tackle an assault course made up of trampoline hurdles in the fastest time possible.

“Endemol Shine Germany has come up with a really spectacular course,” says Perrin.

Throughout the programme, the course gets harder as the quickest competitors aim to reach the final, where the winner will secure a large cash prize.

“This really epitomises the trend for feelgood and fun television,” says Perrin. “What sets Big Bounce Battle apart is that its fun, warm and feelgood. I think that’s what we all need a bit more of right now.”

The show: Big Bounce Battle
The broadcaster: RTL (Germany)
The producer: Endemol Shine Netherlands, Endemol Shine Germany
The distributor: Endemol Shine International
The concept: Physical gameshow using the device of trampolining

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