Just 20% of French viewers used SVOD in last year – study

The VOD360 study from Médiamétrie has shown that over the last twelve months only 20% of French viewers claimed to have used an SVOD service at least once.

The study, which was conducted online from 27 December 2017 to 15 January 2018, shows that SVOD use among the 4,130 web users aged six and over is markedly lower than its counterparts in other territories such as the UK and US.

This tallies with a recent Digital TV Research poll that found consumers in France were by far the least likely to have an SVOD subscription among 14 territories questioned. That report claimed France “continues to resist” subscription on-demand.

The Médiamétre study showed two out of five (37%) of French internet users have said that they used a VOD or SVOD service to date. This is an 11% uptick to 2016, but is still a relatively low number.

When it comes to spontaneously naming a VOD or SVOD service, 37% of those surveyed could do so.

For VOD rental, 13% of the population indicated they has rented at least one video in the past 12 months, 2% higher than 2016.

Only 8% of French internet users indicated that they has already purchased a VOD service.

Among the top ten most followed SVOD series, there is a notable demand for American series, despite a desire by those surveyed to see more shows made in France. Fifty-six per cent of respondents said it was important for them to have an SVOD catalogue that contained French productions of films and series.

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