Cake designs digital content JV with Diagonal View

Kids-logo-460_2Ed GaltonUK-based Cake has partnered with digital studio Diagonal View to create content that will begin life on platforms such as YouTube before going to linear channels.

The JV will be known as Popcorn Digital, and will create kids programming for global online platforms, “with the intention that certain IP’s created for digital AVOD platforms internationally, will cross over into the linear space”.

Cake, which produces and distributes Angelo Rules, will bring expertise in development and kids entertainment, while Diagonal View will provide the digital distribution and channel management know-how.

“Our media model is to work with partners who appreciate the value of creating compelling content for each platform their content appears on,” said Diagonal View CEO Matt Heiman.

“Social video is a massive market and the kids segment is highly lucrative. Bringing our creative, editorial and digital marketing expertise to kids content producers is a logical next step in the expansion of our franchise.”

Diagonal View is behind the popular Alltime10s YouTube networks, and works with companies such as Viacom, ITN and Perform Group. It is not a multichannel network as it does not operates hundreds of channels, but instead focuses on the Alltime10s network.

The two companies are joined by Talking Tom creator Paul Nunn, who is attached to Popcorn Digital as an advisor and investor.

“The next great kids content business will combine deep experience in storytelling and creating lasting broadcast relationships with a proven track record in navigating digital platforms to build audience and deepen fan engagement,” he said. “Popcorn Digital is founded with huge knowledge and experience in these areas and more.”

Traditional TV companies such as Cake have been increasingly keen on partnering with digital distributors in recent years, as they seek to build viable businesses in online content.

Cake chief commercial officer and managing director Ed Galton said his company had been seeking “the best digital approach, and partnering with Diagonal View and Paul is by far the most complete solution”.

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