Austria Telekom debuts Netflix rival

A1, the domestic Austrian brand of Telekom Austria, is to launch an OTT TV service on August 17 in a beta trial, available to a sample of 1,000 users, with a nationwide launched planned later.

Telekom Austria plans to make the service available to both its existing customers and to non-subscribers.

However, the service will be limited to Austria for now, where it will enter into a market that last year welcomed streaming giant Netflix to its shores.

A1 Now will include 40 channels and 3,000 on-demand films and TV series episodes. Other features include cloud-based DVR functionality – dubbed the A1 Cloud Recorder – that enables users to watch content from all 40 channels for up to seven days after it is broadcast.

Users will be give the opportunity to view content on up to five devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, laptops and PCs with up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Live-streamed content is available in SD, while on-demand content is available in SD or HD.

The service will be available free of charge for a 30-day trial period to the first 1,000 users who sign up before August 9.

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