HBO on basic cable for first time

HBO is being offered as part of a basic tier channel package in the US for the first time.

BewkesTo this point, HBO has always been a premium tier channel, though Jeff Bewkes (left), CEO of HBO parent Time Warner, has recently made noises suggesting he was looking at more competitive pricing options.

HBO and its online service HBO Go will now be available through a Comcast basic cable and internet package for around US$50 per month. Comcast’s on-demand service Streampix is also included.

The Internet Plus offer is only available until January 31, 2014, and also includes non-sport basic tier cable channels. After the cut off point, the price will rise to US$69.95 per month.

HBO is still considered by many commentators as the gold standard in US television through series such as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under and current shows including The Newsroom but has come under increasing pressure from VOD service Netflix, which last week surpassed HBO’s subscriber base for the first time.