Nat Geo goes to UK producers for brain shows

Cardshark_10National Geographic Channels International has ordered a new series and four special about the human mind from a range of UK producers.

Brain Games has been a big hit for Nat Geo in the US, where the launch of the second season garnered 1.5 million viewers. Ahead of the season two launch internationally later this year, Nat Geo is digging deeper into the area with these four new commissions.

Renegade Pictures is making two-part special Street Smart, which will be a companion piece to Brain Games. It will use experiments to quiz people’s critical thinking faculties.

Blink Films is making three-part series Ape Man about human’s most basic instincts and their roots in the primate world.

One-hour doc Blow your Mind will be made by UK producer Twofour in which experiments and stunts will show how much the unconscious parts of our brains control our bodies.

Windfall Films and So Shoot Me TV are making Card Shark (pictured) in which professional magician Drummond Money-Coutts looks at the role of playing cards in tricking our perceptions.

All of the brain shows were ordered by Hamish Mykura, executive VP and head of International Content for NGCI. He said: “These new series and specials investigate the way our brains and bodies really work, and all is revealed using mind-bending experiments and interactive stunts to boggle the eye and bewilder the senses. There will be astonishing revelations, humour and plenty of hard science, too.”


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