The X-Files creator Chris Carter to debut new mystery series The After at MIPCOM

Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, has a new sci-fi suspense series The After that will be launched at MIPCOM. The show will be made with Georgeville TV, the production company set up by Marc Rosen (Harry Potter, Threshold).

Marc Rosen

“This is going to be a fantastic ride – one that only he could conceive – and the secrets, twists, and turns are a fan’s dream. Chris has woven his mythology magic within a very human, grounded story about the moment when we realize all of our worst fears about the world and its future,” said Marc Rosen, CEO, Georgeville Television.

It will be sold internationally by Sierra/Engine, the new distribution firm run by Chris Philip (Engine Entertainment), Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg (Sierra/Affinity).

The After is described as “a thriller that revolves around a mysterious, unexplained event. Story incorporates elements of science fiction, suspense, and real-world fear and paranoia”.

Carter created The X-Files and wrote both of the movie spin-offs, The X-Files and The X-Files: I want to Believe.

His other TV work includes Millenium, the mystery series that ran for three seasons on Fox. He also announced a supernatural drama that he is working with Media Rights Capital on, Unique, which he will write and executive produce.

The MRC deal and show is completely separate from the Sierra Engine agreement and The After.

“Chris Carter’s vision has impacted the global television business for 20 years with The X-Files and being part of his latest big budget project is a tremendous honour,” said Chris Philip, CEO Sierra/Engine Television.

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