Nick Meyer

Georgeville moves into US television

Marc Rosen is the film and TV producer whose credits include Harry Potter and Threshold. In March he set up Georgeville Television (GVTV) and he now has three straight-to-series orders from US broadcast nets and two more on cable. He tells TBI about the new shows, which include a new offering from The X-Files’ Chris […]

The X-Files creator Chris Carter to debut new mystery series The After at MIPCOM

Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, has a new sci-fi suspense series The After that will be launched at MIPCOM. The show will be made with Georgeville TV, the production company set up by Marc Rosen (Harry Potter, Threshold). “This is going to be a fantastic ride – one that only he could conceive […]

Producer and distributor Sierra/Engine launching at MIPCOM with ABC, NBC series

Chris Philip, Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg have joined forces to create a new producer and distributor Sierra/Engine Television. The new firm will debut at MIPCOM with a slate containing shows that will air on US networks ABC and NBC. Philip runs distributor Engine Entertainment and Meyer and Schaberg film sales and distribution outfit Sierra/Affinity. […]