TBI Tech & Analysis: How Netflix can thrive in the 2020s

  Netflix has established itself as the global SVOD success story, but new entrants surged into the market during 2020 and it now faces a much-changed landscape in the decade ahead. Rob Moyser, senior analyst for TV & online video at TBI sibling OMDIA, provides his assessment of where the streamer needs to invest to ensure its future […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How to capitalise on the AVOD wave

Streaming of all flavours soared during 2020 but how will AVOD adapt and develop in the years to come? Fateha Begum, associate director at TBI sibling OMDIA, explores what’s next for ad-supported services in the increasingly crowded on-demand ecosystem. Over the years, and particularly in early 2020, online video penetration increased as many households turned […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Unpacking Netflix & Amazon’s original production approach

Tim Westcott, senior research manager at research powerhouse and TBI sibling OMDIA, delves into the differing approaches of Netflix and Amazon to original production. Netflix, having started life as a home video company mailing DVD discs to subscribers, launched its first original production in 2012 – the Norwegian/German co-production Lilyhammer. Since then, it has dramatically […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Global TV Production in 2020

Tim Westcott, senior research manager for channels, programming & advertising at research powerhouse Omdia explores what’s fuelling the global production industry – and what’s in store next year. The rise of SVOD has been the main force driving world programming expenditure since 2010. Expenditure on original and acquired programming in the 35 countries tracked by […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Where next for pay-TV in a streaming future?

Fateha Begum, principle analyst at TBI sibling OMDIA, tells Richard Middleton about the key trends facing pay-TV providers as they grapple with the challenges of studios and IP owners going over-the-top (OTT). As content providers follow consumers and turn to OTT, the traditional content delivery model disintegrates. Pay-TV services have always played the role of content aggregator and created […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring TV revenue raisers as streaming surges

Traditional TV markets are, at best, in slow-growth mode with the reality often being stagnation or decline, writes Adam Thomas, senior principal analyst at research powerhouse – and TBI sibling – OMDIA. Covid-19 is serving to further promote an already flourishing online video sector to even greater heights, putting even more pressure on the traditional […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Six streaming super-trends for 2021

Tony Gunnarsson, principal analyst for media & entertainment at TBI sibling OMDIA, reflects on a watershed year for streaming and picks out the ramifications and key trends set to affect the business in 2021 and beyond. The acceleration of cord-cutting and online video adoption during Covid-19, coupled with aggressive expansion of next-gen direct-to-consumer (D2C) services, […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Channels & programming super-trends for 2021

Covid-19’s impact on production has radically changed acquisition activity for streamers and channels in 2020, while US studio-backed DTC services are having myriad effects on distribution. Here, Tim Westcott, senior research manager at TBI sibling OMDIA, looks ahead to 2021 and explores five trends that are set to dominate the content business over the next 12 months. The impact […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Reflecting on Apple TV+ one year in

Apple TV+ might have the world’s most expensive company behind it, but intense competition in the streaming world means there is no guarantee of success. Fateha Begum, principle analyst at TBI sibling OMDIA, tells Richard Middleton how the service has fared as it celebrates its first birthday. One of the most-talked about recent entrants to the […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Emerging super-trends for 2021

2020 has brought unprecedented change for the content business, with Covid-19 acting as an accelerant on an already rapidly changing sector. Maria Rua Aguete, senior research director for TV, video & advertising at TBI sibling Omdia, tells Richard Middleton what we can expect in 2021. Vertical integration in the media world was already well underway […]

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