US AVOD use drops by 10% in less than six months as market cools

The number of US AVOD users has dropped by 10% in less than six months, while the average number of total services used per consumer has also declined, according to research powerhouse Omdia. According to the latest consumer survey from Omdia, which, like TBI, is part of Informa, US AVOD penetration declined from 93% in November […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Digging into the MENA OTT boom

Max Signorelli, senior analyst for entertainment at research powerhouse Omdia, examines the current state of the OTT market in the MENA region. Paid OTT video subscriptions rose by nearly 77% year-on-year (YoY) in MENA last year, reaching just over six million at the end of 2020. The majority, 70% of the total of these subscriptions, […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Why Amazon expanded streaming in India

Kia Ling Teoh, senior analyst for TV, video & advertising at research powerhouse Omdia, explores the reasons behind Amazon’s recent launch of a new ad-supported streamer in India. Amazon last month launched a new ad-supported video streaming service in India, branded as miniTV. The service will live within the Amazon shopping app and complements the […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring streamers’ spending habits in 2021

Tim Westcott, senior principal analyst for channels and programming at research powerhouse Omdia, tells Richard Middleton about the predicted spending habits of streamers in 2021. Competition for content is reaching new heights in 2021 following a year in which US studios hauled back programming for their own DTC streaming services. Production hiatuses caused by the […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Where US streamers are looking for global originals

Tim Westcott, senior principal analyst, channels and programming at research powerhouse Omdia, explores which countries are proving most attractive as sources of original content for US-based streaming leaders. With the rise of truly global streaming services, content from other countries has never been easier for audiences to access, with many of the market-leading US-based streamers […]

Netflix & Disney+ Hotstar account for 78% of SVOD revenues in India, after surge in subs

Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar accounted for 50% of all SVOD subscribers in India in 2020 and almost 80% of subscription revenues in the country, according to data revealed today. The findings, which come from Omdia’s latest 2021 Online Video Market and Consumer Trends Report, found that online video subscriptions revenue grew by 142% in India […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Plotting the next moves for pay TV & SVOD

  SVOD services boomed in 2020 as locked down viewers turned to on-demand viewing for entertainment, yet despite the proliferation of streamers, pay TV is set to remain the major revenue source in the coming years, writes Stuart Thomson. All growth in pay video in the next five years will come from streaming services but pay TV […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring Japan’s unique pay TV & streaming ecosystem

Jun Wen Woo, senior analyst for TV & Online Video at research powerhouse Omdia, delves into Japan’s fascinating content market and explores how pay TV and streaming fortunes have changed. Japan is a unique market where traditional TV/video market sources like broadcasters and the physical video market remain relevant in the country despite fast growing […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How Disney & WarnerMedia prepared for streaming wars

  A fortnight ago, TBI Tech & Analysis reflected on the transformative moves into DTC streaming by US studios. Now, Omdia’s senior research manager Tim Westcott provides a potted history of how two of the biggest operators – Disney and WarnerMedia – realigned their operations to take on Netflix. It was only in 2018 that Walt Disney […]

TBI Tech & Analysis marks International Women’s Day

With today’s TBI Tech & Analysis falling on International Women’s Day, we hear from Maria Rua Aguete, senior research director at research giant Omdia, as she provides her thoughts on discrimination and overcoming challenges in the workplace. I got to where I am by speaking loudly – and by not taking no for an answer. When […]

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