TBI Tech & Analysis: Why language puts US and France ahead on channel choice

The US and France stand apart in terms of the number of channels available to consumers, with more than 800 channels available in each territory, reveal Omdia’s Edmund Ludlow and Tim Westcott. It’s not a close contest either, say the experts from the analyst group, whose new research highlights that those two countries have more […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Who’s ahead of the game in global channel reach?

As more brands go global, the battle to place content in front of the greatest number of potential viewers around the world becomes ever-more competitive, but Omdia’s Edmund Ludlow and Tim Westcott reveal that one group has an advantage. According to recent research from analyst group Omdia, US-based ViacomCBS has the largest cumulative reach of any […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring the soaring cost of content

As competition in the subscription streaming market heats up, production budgets are getting bigger. Omdia’s Tim Westcott weigh up the most expensive TV shows in the US and Europe and explores whether heavy investment buys success with viewers. Spending on TV shows has soared in recent years, most recently highlighted in today’s Screen Business report […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Unpacking Netflix & Amazon’s European drama plans

WarnerMedia, ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal are ramping up competition in an already crowded streaming ecosystem in Europe. Tim Westcott, senior analyst for research powerhouse (and TBI sibling) Omdia, reveals how the production plans for incumbents Netflix and Amazon are shaping up. According to research by Omdia, Netflix will launch at least 107 titles produced in Europe […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Who’s watching what on Netflix?

Netflix remains the largest global streaming service, yet many details of how its content is consumed – and by whom – remain a tightly guarded secret. Tim Westcott and Ed Ludlow at analyst powerhouse Omdia tell TBI about their latest research into who’s watching what on the streamer – and reveal which country was quickest […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: The global view on TV household share decline

Consumer behaviour is changing and a younger audience base is increasingly turning away from the traditional TV set to consume content in new ways, as Omdia’s Helma Hassan explains. Over the past decade, it was clear that millennials had different video consumption habits, but the effect was not easy to quantify, often because they were […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Where next for Lat Am as OTT overtakes pay-TV?

Adam Thomas and Sarah Henschel, analysts at TBI sister research group Omdia, reflect on the fast-changing Latin American market, where streaming subscriptions overtook pay-TV subs for the first time in 2020. Paid-for online channel subscription numbers, led by services such as Claro Video and Netflix, continue to rise in Latin America & the Caribbean, increasing […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: How feature production is evolving worldwide

News that Netflix has struck a new long-term deal at Longcross Studios in the UK comes as production space in the country falls under intense pressure, as streamers look to expand their film & TV output. Yet this is by no means a UK-centric trend. The levels of feature film production have never been higher […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Diving into Asia & Oceania’s streaming potential

Pay-TV is stagnating in Asia and growth has already largely come to a halt in Oceania, says Omdia senior analyst Jun Wen Woo, but streaming offers fast-growing potential. The number of pay-TV subscriptions (cable, digital, terrestrial, IPTV and satellite) in Asia & Oceania has essentially stagnated, with 673 million in 2020 compared with 677 million […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Predicting the future & effects of digital ad growth

Online advertising will account for more than 70% of worldwide ad revenue by 2025. As more advertisers become accustomed to digital advertising’s data-driven approach, how should traditional media players adapt to offer similar functionality in their businesses? Marija Masalskis, senior principal analyst for TV, video and advertising at TBI sister research organisation Omdia, looks Stateside […]