UK’s Pact & Bectu agree one-month drama deal extension as stand-off continues

UK broadcasting union Bectu and trade body Pact have agreed to a one-month extension to the TV Drama agreement as the two organisations seek to resolve their outstanding issues. Bectu members “overwhelmingly” rejected the latest terms offered by Pact in a ballot held at the start of this month. Without a deal, scripted producers in […]

UK’s Pact publishes ‘Red Book’ of terms & conditions as Bectu stand-off continues

UK trade body Pact has published its own set of terms and conditions for indies to use in engaging crew on scripted productions, as the ongoing stand-off with broadcast union Bectu rumbles on. Pact said its conditions would “provide clarity” when the existing agreement ends on 1 September, which will see the UK trade body without a mandate […]

Pact invites UK commissioners to summit to resolve TV drama impasse

UK trade body Pact has invited commissioners in the country to a summit to work out how to move forward following broadcasting union Bectu’s rejection of the new terms and conditions offered in the joint TV Drama agreement.  Pact has invited the major broadcasters, as well as pay-TV giant Sky and streamers to meet next […]

UK’s Bectu “overwhelmingly” rejects Pact TV drama deal

UK broadcasting union Bectu’s members have “overwhelmingly” rejected the latest terms offered by trade body Pact, putting the TV Drama agreement in jeopardy. Bectu head Philippa Childs today said that the decision from the union members had given it “a clear mandate to seek further discussions” and that Bectu hopes to meet with Pact “to […]

Pact/Bectu impasse spells looming concerns for UK scripted contracts

UK trade body Pact and trade union Bectu are struggling to reach a new deal for scripted TV productions. Last week, Pact proposed new terms for the Bectu/Pact TV Drama Agreement, which covers working terms and conditions for crew in the UK’s independent scripted business and is set to expire in September. However, Bectu boss […]

UK government unveils $9,000 freelance rescue package, creatives demand urgency

The UK government will pay self-employed workers affected by Covid-19 up to £2,500 ($3,000) per month as part of a new rescue package, but industry bodies have said delaying payments until June will heavily impact those in the freelance sector. The income support scheme means those whose annual profits in the last tax year were […]

UK entertainment union appoints first female leader

UK media and entertainment union BECTU has appointed its first female leader to head the organization. Philippa Childs – a former national secretary at BECTU’s parent trade union Prospect – will take on the role, following the departure of Gerry Morrissey after more than 10 years as general secretary. Childs will oversee the work of […]