Sarah Brocklehurst’s Brock Media to adapt Caleb Azumah Nelson’s ‘Small Worlds’

BBC Studios-backed producer Brock Media has picked up rights to Caleb Azumah Nelson’s second novel, Small Worlds.

The novel, due to be published by Penguin imprint Viking in May, is set in London and Ghana. It follows the relationships between fathers and sons, while exploring themes such as faith and friendship.

Brock Media, which was founded last year by Sarah Brocklehurst (Animals), will work closely with Nelson on the show, with the author set to write the script. Nelson’s debut novel was Open Water.

Brocklehurst said: “Small Worlds is a contemporary masterpiece; thrilling, urgent and full of heart. I had such a strong emotional response to the book so it’s an honour to have been entrusted with bringing it to the screen. Caleb is an incredible writer and I have no doubt that Small Worlds will become an exceptional piece of television.”

Nelson added: “Sarah and her team have showed such energy and enthusiasm towards the book and the emotional response has been palpable. For a novel that is so deeply personal, that is concerned with the community I come from and who have made me who I am today, I’m grateful to have such an invested partner.”

Brock is currently in development on the television adaptation of Emma Jane Unsworth’s memoir After The Storm, as well as feature The Outrun, which is adapted from Amy Liptrot’s memoir.

BBCS has a partnership deal with Brock Media, encompassing development, production and distribution.




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