White Spark secures exclusive access to RSV Nuyina icebreaker for docuseries

RSV Nuyina

Australia-based White Spark Pictures is to start production on a two-hour docuseries exploring the maiden resupply voyage of the Australian Antarctic Division’s A$528m icebreaker.

Birth Of An Icebreaker: RSV Nuyina will follow the work of the ship, which will carry vital cargo and undertake world-leading scientific research on its voyage to the Antarctic.

It is expected to deliver in 2023 and is being represented for international co-production and pre-sale by Wild Thring Media.

White Spark, led by Briege Whitehead, has exclusive access across two Antarctic seasons to the ship, and will delve into the engineering and logistical marvels that allow the ship to operate.

It will tell the story of RSV Nuyina’s design and construction in Europe, its first season on the notorious Southern Ocean, the scientific research that it facilitates, and its long-awaited welcome at Australia’s research stations in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic.

The White Spark Pictures team will be embedded with the 118 crew and expeditioners for the entire six-week long voyage. Whitehead, as well as director of photography Michael Haluwana, will be onboard.

White Spark Pictures previously filmed in Antarctica for its 2018 immersive VR film, The Antarctica Experience.

Whitehead said: “The Australian Antarctic Program has placed a great deal of trust in us, and we cannot wait to capture its latest acquisition, ground-breaking work – especially in the vital area of climate change – and the wide range of incredible characters who work tirelessly under challenging conditions.”

In addition to the first two-hour documentary series, the voyages to Antarctica will also lay the groundwork and deploy cameras for a second two-hour series, Hunt For The Million Year Ice Core.

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