FilmRise ups Trey Durst to VP of digital content programming

New York-based TV and film studio and streaming network FilmRise has promoted Trey Durst to VP of digital content programming.

Durst, who previously served as senior director in the same team, will now move into a higher leadership role and gain oversight of all the company’s OTT programming activities.

In his new role, Durst will be responsible for the digital syndication of FilmRise content domestically and internationally, while seeking out and helping to negotiate new partnership deals with international platforms.

He will also continue to be responsible for growing FilmRise’s free ad-supported streaming TV channel offerings and points of distribution, managing FilmRise’s key accounts.

Durst’s promotion follows shortly after Jonitha Keymoore was appointed as senior director of global acquisitions in April, which in turn came just days after FilmRise promoted head of sales Melissa Wohl to SVP, after four years at the company.

“Trey has been an extremely valuable asset to our sales team,” commented Wohl.” His promotion exemplifies the company’s growth at a thrilling rate, and his contribution has been enormous.”

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