Show of the Week: Gulperi

Turkey’s latest drama tells the story of Gulperi, a woman who faces oppression from various patriarchs in her life and struggles to find a more positive path.

Misfortune defines Gulperi’s life. She loses her first love Kadir because of an oppressive father, to then go on and marry a man who dies in Syria on a business trip.

While the three children she had with her deceased husband Eyup are a joy in her life, she quickly loses them due to an abusive brother-in-law, Ejder, who claims she has attacked him.

A legal battle between Gulperi and Ejder sees the female lead face a potential prison sentence, while her in-laws brainwash her children to believe that she is a destructive person.

The core of the tale is the relationship between a mother, her children and the oppressions they face, according to Burak Sagyasar of Tims & B Productions.

“Gulperi is bringing a brave new story that has never been told before: will a mother be able to win back the hearts of her children who hate her? Will motherly love be able to supress hatred?,” he says.

Gulperi attempts to find lightness in her life by rekindling her relationship with Kadir, who is now a lawyer and looks to aid her battle against her in-laws. But the struggle goes on as she faces deep criticism from her children on the new development. The drama continues.

“There is still a strong demand in Turkey for dramas. Over the  years there hasn’t been a big change in this, well-made soap operas and quality drama series have found and will always find their audience,” says Sagyasar.

The title’s producers are Timur Savci, the founder and owner of Tims Productions, and Sagyasar, who is co-founder of Bi Yapim.

In 2017, the two prodcos joined forces to create multi-genre titles. Currently they have three titles on-air in Turkey.

Broadcaster: Show TV
Producer: Tims & B Productions
Distributor: Global Agency
Concept: Gulperi is the story of a woman who has been treated unjustly all her life for being female