86% of viewers don’t want to juggle OTT services

night-television-tv-theme-machinesGlobal viewers would rather not juggle OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon and would prefer a single access point for video content, according to new research from Accenture.

The study of 21,000 online consumers in 19 countries shows that 39% would prefer to have pay TV or free over-the-air viewing only, 24% would prefer pay TV and one SVOD service of choice and 23% only a single on-demand portal with everything in one place.

Only 14% said that they would prefer to manage multiple subscription video services themselves.

This is a growing necessity for viewers as there are now more than 200 OTT service providers in the US alone, according to Accenture.

Furthermore, 51% of the viewers feel that they are paying for some form of content they don’t care about, with 49% saying they only pay for content they want to watch.

While a large selling point of SVOD services has been the provision of ad-free spaces, 64% of viewers said they would not be willing to pay for services simply to remove ads.

The survey also measured how much consumers pay for OTT against Pay TV, weighed by viewing hours. Only 23% of their budget of is on OTT, while 42% viewing times goes there. Pay TV still dominates spend and time spend consuming video.

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