In-demand chart: Netherlands (October 23-29, 2017)

TBI-In-Demand-Netherlands-700x220Stranger Things season 2.2Our latest chart throws up a surprise, considering the amount of marketing, social media posts and office chatter around Stranger Things: the Netherlands still prefers Game of Thrones.

Netherlands-Overall-311017The HBO fantasy epic pipped its rival to top overall spot last week, with its 3.1 million average demand expressions just out-scoring the 3.03 million Stranger Things received.

Both shows were comfortably ahead of The Walking Dead, whose eighth season was noticeably less anticipated (and rated worse) than recent runs.

However, The Walking Dead closed the gap on Game of Thrones when compared with our Europe-wide special chart lists earlier this month, which saw the latter well out ahead.

All three were a long way in front of the fourth placed Suits, which also featured earlier this month in the Netherlands, as well as in our Norway list.

Two Dutch-produced shows feature in our overall top ten: Great British Bake Off remake Heel Holland Bakt and Holland’s Next Top Model. American’s Funniest Home Videos makes a surprise entrance and The Blacklist brings up the rear in tenth.

Netherlands-Originals-311017On the digital front, Stranger Things took almost three times the average demand as the second placed Star Trek: Discovery, which is locally available through Netflix.

Amazon’s The Grand Tour is third, but is almost three times behind Star Trek, demonstrating how far ahead Stranger Things currently is in terms of demand.

House of Cards, which is to end after its sixth season with star and producer Kevin Spacey facing questions over his conduct towards a minor, is fifth, narrowly ahead of Orange is the New Black and GLOW.

The data suggests Stranger Things will push Game of Thrones even closer as more people binge through the series, which follows how supernatural events in a small American town affect a group of children.

Source and methodology: Parrot Analytics assesses demand for popular shows through various ‘demand expression platforms’ including social-media and photo-sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, blogging and microblogging platforms such as Tumblr, wikis and informational sites, peer-to-peer protocols and file-sharing platforms. Parrot’s artificial-intelligence systems assess billions of data points to reach the overall demand rating.

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