Youku buys giant screen BBC Earth films

Factual-headerChina’s Youku has bought five giant screen BBC Earth films that will be made available on TV channels and mobiles.

Earthflight, Incredible Predators, Tiny Giants, Walking with Dinosaurs, and Wild Africa will be broadcast in HD on Youku digital platforms, which include a streaming service with 500 million active monthly users.

Youku also gains rights to distribute 4K version to linear channels capable of transmitting in the high-definition format.

“With our BBC Earth Giant Screen films available in 3D, HD and 4K formats, viewers will have even more opportunities to get up close and personal with some of nature’s most awe-inspiring events.”

The BBC had already signed deals to send the BBC Earth Giant Screen films to a variety of cultural outlets and museums in China in December.

Alibaba-owned Youku last year acquired rival video player Tudou, creating China’s largest on-demand player in the process.

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