Show of the week: The Loud House

The Loud House has been making a lot of noise. The Nickelodeon show has fared well in the ratings and generated column inches thanks to the introduction of an interracial gay couple.

The fact that the couple was in the show is not a big deal, and is part of the “genius”, says Amanda Cordner, director, international programme sales at distributor Viacom International Media Networks.

“It’s an accurate reflection of modern life; it holds up a mirror so kids can see themselves,” she says. “The introduction of the couple wasn’t extraordinary, as they are just parents dropping their child over for a sleepover. It is something increasingly normal, and that’s the brilliance of it.”

The show came out of the Nick Shorts programme. It was created by Chris Savino, who is an experienced animator, having worked on shows including Rocko’s Modern Life and The Powerpuff Girls. This is his first full series.

“It harkens back to a classic 2D animation style that’s reminiscent of the Sunday comics – it had a traditional look,” says Cordner.

The show follows the Loud family and eleven-year-old Lincoln – the only boy in family of eleven siblings. The story also features Lincoln’s best friend Clyde.

Nick swiftly followed up the 26-episode order with a second season order for 14 more installments. The show has already rolled out on the global Nick nets, and VIMN will launch the show internationally at MIPJunior.

“It’s traditional Nick stuff in that it’s not aspirational, it shows families as they really are with all of the funny and awkward bits, and it’s super relatable,” says Cordner.

That has proved to be the case in the US where the show has been nudging one million viewers in the 2-11s, and beating Nick perennial SpongeBob SquarePants among all viewers with an average 1.9 million.

The show: The Loud House
The producer: Nickelodeon Animation Studio
The distributor: Viacom International Media Networks
The broadcaster: Nickelodeon (US)
The concept: Family comedy from Rocko’s Modern Life animator

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