Over 40% of TV time is now OTT

ott lifestyle netflixVideo streaming has “fundamentally changed” the TV industry’s competitive landscape, with 42% of TV time now dedicated to watching over-the-top services, according to new research.

Adobe and The Diffusion Group research say more than two-fifths of viewing time is now spent with either subscription, transactional, or free streaming video services.

Of this OTT viewing time, 65% is spent watching SVOD services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, 30% is spent watching free streaming services and 5% is spent watching transactional streaming services, according to the research.

The Streaming Video Survey Analysis, carried out by TDF in January, found that 82% of adult video streamers subscribe to “some type of online subscription video service”.

Netflix (pictured) leads with 70% use among video streamers, followed by Amazon Prime Video at 33%, and Hulu Plus at 21%.

Among those who watch free online video services, YouTube is by far the most popular and was watched by 83%, followed by Hulu at 23% and Crackle at 19% viewing rates.

iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant View were found to be the top three transactional streaming video services, with 34% of adult video streamers using TVOD services.

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