CCTV has Eureka Moment with Fremantle format

Formats-logo-460_2The Eureka MomentChina’s CCTV-1 has commissioned an 11x90mins version of Dutch format The Eureka Moment, which FremantleMedia sells internationally.

FremantleMedia China is co-developing the series with CCTV Creation, which a wholly-owned production subsidiary of Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Locally, The Eureka Moment will debut in June in a Sunday evening primetime slot.

FremantleMedia-owned Blue Circle originally developed the game show format in the Netherlands. Each episode sees two couple go head-to-head in a series of dangerous stunts and wacky experiments in a bid to win the holiday of a lifetime.

The deal comes after FremantleMedia China appointed Star China’s Vivian Yin as CEO last year.

“This is the first time that we have placed a series into the much-coveted Sunday evening primetime slot on CCTV-1 and we’re looking forward to developing our relationship further to co-develop many more FM formats in the future,” she said.

FremantleMedia and CCTV have previously worked up local versions of comedy series Thank God You’re Here and talent competition show Don’t Stop Me Now, which was recently renewed for another 52 episodes.

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